An NISD officer on administrative duty after shooting a man near his home

SAN ANTONIO – A police officer from Northside Independent School District, who was involved in off-duty shooting in West Bexar County, has been assigned to administrative duty.

This is a standard step that most police departments take when investigating the circumstances of a shooting involving an employee.

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The shooting happened after 3:30 a.m. Friday morning in a neighborhood near Marbach Road near Overlook Landing. It sent a 25-year-old man to hospital.

“He received a gunshot wound to the lower part of his calf,” said Deputy Johnny Garcia of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. “As far as I understand, it is not considered life-threatening.”


The Bexar County Sheriff is investigating the incident because it happened in that jurisdiction.

Garcia said lawmakers were already in the area at the time, answering a call to attack a home in Block 1600 of the Overlook Bend.

He said the suspect in the attack had fled to a nearby green belt and a deputy had gone looking for him.

“(The Deputy) goes back to this Nectar (Creek) and hears a few shots,” Garcia said.

When lawmakers arrived at the scene, Garcia said, they noticed an attack suspect bleeding from a gunshot wound to the calf.

An off-duty NISD officer involved in a shooting in West Bexar County

They also found the man who shot him, the NISS police officer out of service.

“He was at his residence, asleep when he heard this was happening and went out to investigate,” said NISD Police Chief Charlie Carnes, who showed up.

Carnes spoke briefly about his officer, saying he was a five-year veteran of the NISD police department.


However, he turned to the BCSO, the managing agency, for questions about the shooting.

Garcia said the man who was shot apparently lives in a home next door to a police officer who is off duty.

He said the man was returning to his own home when he met with the police officer who shot him.

What exactly caused the officer to pull the trigger is still being investigated.

Late Friday morning, Northside ISD had not released the police officer’s name.


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An NISD officer on administrative duty after shooting a man near his home

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