Amazon Prime Day 2021: Discounts may not be as prime as you might think’s 2-day Prime Day event Arrived June 21-22 This year, other major retailers like Wal-Mart have taken action with their own sales. However, summer discounts offered by Amazon and its competitors may not match the types of door-breaking sales that are normally available before the holidays, market researchers say.

According to an Adobe study, discounts offered to shoppers during Prime Day events are typically less than 10%, analyzing total retail sales data from Amazon and its competitors from 2020 Prime Day. did. By comparison, analysis shows that Cyber ​​Monday weekends after Thanksgiving usually offer double-deep discounts.

Given that 6 out of 10 Americans told Adobe they were going to shop on this year’s Prime Day, that might not discourage shoppers from splattering on Amazon’s Prime Day. Hmm. As the pandemic recedes and retailers, restaurants and other businesses reopen, Americans are opening their wallets like never before. Almost one-third of consumers surveyed by Adobe said they even plan to spend some of their incentives at shopping events.

Jason Woosley, Vice President of Commerce Products and Platforms at Adobe Experience Cloud, said: “It’s a big rise in mid-June.”

According to Adobe data, the best categories to win deals are toys and electronics, with discounts of around 8% and 7% on Prime Day last year, respectively. The discount on sports equipment was the smallest at 1.2%.

“The discounts aren’t that great,” Oozeley said. “For retailers, that’s acceptable. They can create a buzz without much sacrifice.”

Why is Prime Day in June this year?

When Amazon first launched Prime Day in 2015, it scheduled an event in July — it was a sticky schedule until last year’s pandemic struck. Due to the turmoil, Amazon has postponed Prime Day 2020 to October. However, this year we are running the event a month earlier than usual.

The reason may not coincide with the Olympic Games opening in Japan on July 23, but some experts point out that pushing the event in June will result in sales in the second quarter. I will. What’s more, Amazon faces a tough comparison with the year-ago quarter when many consumers switched to online purchases for fear of blockades and in-store shopping as the pandemic expanded.

And for Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, don’t underestimate the appeal of the last Prime Day blockbuster in June. Business concept.

Does the pandemic affect the price?

There is a possibility Semiconductor shortage Nathan Burrows, senior deal editor for WireCutter, a product recommendation site, said it could affect the pricing and availability of some products that require chips, such as televisions. It was. Products like game consoles, which were in short supply last year due to rising demand and a shortage of suppliers, are likely to be sold at or near list prices, he said.

Burroughs added that rising inflation in daily necessities could also affect Prime Day, with less discounts than in the previous year.All prices from groceries to appliances Increased has, According to recent data.

“This all means that shoppers are more skeptical of possible deals than ever before,” Burroughs said.

What other retailers offer the sale?

However, while finding “legal sales” on Prime Day can be difficult, consumers may have more stores this year than comparison stores, according to Burroughs.

Wal-Mart, for example, has a rival sale called “Deals for Days.” It starts the day before Prime Day and ends one day after June 20-23. The Nova Auto Empty Mopping Robot has gone from its regular price of $ 599.00 to $ 299.00.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is already running a “The Bigger Deal” sale ending June 22nd. As part of that, Target is offering a “Deal Days” event from June 20th to 22nd. Additional retailers may also participate in the competition. Experts recommend comparison shops to consumers.

Price comparison tools like CamelCamelCamel can help you determine if you are getting a really good price.

What are the best deals on Prime Day?

Amazon is likely to continue its tradition of significantly discounting its electronics, such as Kindle e-readers and echo smart speakers, Burroughs said.

Other notable products, according to Wirecutter, include kitchen appliances such as instant pots and coffee makers, personal care equipment such as electric toothbrushes, baby products such as child seats and strollers, vacuum cleaners and headphones.

Amazon Already provided Pre-Prime Day sale, including $ 50 off for the 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 GPS model and $ 150 off for Shark’s AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner (RV2001).

Do a survey before you buy, said Adobe’s Woosley. “Don’t just assume it’s the best deal because it’s put in front of you,” he said.

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Discounts may not be as prime as you might think

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