Amazon accused US Congress of misleading business practices

Amazon executives, including former CEO Jeff Bezos, have been accused by five members of the US Congress for misleading Congress’s investigation into the company’s business practices and perhaps taking an oath.

Five lawmakers, all members of the bipartisan House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy on Sunday to support the testimony that company executives submitted to the Commission’s Antitrust Subcommittee. I asked you to submit it. In 2019 and 2020, we used data from third-party sellers to investigate whether the company favored its products in search rankings.

Amazon executives have denied allegations that they have tuned their algorithms to promote their products and the products of popular suppliers rather than third-party retailers using the platform.

As reported by ReutersThe story at that outlet and elsewhere made lawmakers believe that the testimony provided by Amazon executives was flawed.

“At best, this report confirms that Amazon representatives misunderstood the Commission. In the worst case, they may have lied to Congress for possible violations of federal criminal law. Shows, “the letter said.

The letter indicates that by November 1st, it will provide Jassy with evidence to support an executive statement about how the company uses third-party data.

NS Reuters A report published last week, based on internal documents from 2112 to 2019, “Amazon employees surveyed their own data on other brands on, which includes customer returns. Contains more information about. Purpose: Product Identification and Targeting-Described as Reference.’Or’Branding’Products-and’Duplicates’.

An Amazon spokesman said the company “denied and tried to fix the inaccurate media article recording of the problem.”

previous Reuters The February report is also based on Amazon India’s internal documentation, which has endorsed big sellers on the Indian platform and has been favored for years. It accused the company of manipulating foreign direct investment (FDI) rules established by the Indian government to prevent small Indian traders from being crushed by e-commerce giants.

At that time, Amazon explained Reuters The story of “unfounded,” “incomplete,” and “virtually incorrect.”

The investigation is conducted when US lawmakers are showing signs of suffering from Big Tech seeking the dissolution of companies like Facebook and Amazon. In India, additional accusations will spur a long-term campaign by small retailers seeking legislation to reduce the power of global online suppliers. This is an issue that the Government of India has shown little interest in so far.

Amazon accused US Congress of misleading business practices

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