All NFL teams will join the intensive COVID-19 protocol on Saturday

The NFL has put all teams into a centralized protocol since Saturday to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 as the number of cases increases nationwide.

The use of masks is always mandatory at team facilities, including during practice and in the weight room. Meetings must be held virtually or in the largest indoor space with the approval of the league. Meals should be portable to avoid crowding players and staff in the cafeteria. You should also limit the amount of time you spend in the changing room.

Clubs operating under a centralized protocol have been in close contact since the fifth week of the regular season, according to a note received by the Associated Press sent to the team by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday. Reduced by more than%.

“These sustained reductions and the consequent health and safety benefits make it appropriate to enforce a centralized protocol across the league,” Goodell said in a memo.

So far, 28 teams have joined the centralized protocol at some point, and 16 teams have participated multiple times.

“The next holiday, starting next week’s Thanksgiving, poses a new risk of exposure that we need to address now,” Goodell wrote. “We have a very sophisticated program of daily testing, so we know when the virus will invade our facility. This will minimize close contact within the facility. It emphasizes the importance of contact tracing and other steps for.

“Recent experience has highlighted the importance of minimizing high-risk, intimate contact. Many times, we have seen individuals identified based on it become positive in a short period of time. Also, effective action by the club to minimize these close contacts prevented the virus from spreading within the club and prevented players and coaches from being excluded from practice or games. You can see many examples. ”

The NFL said Tuesday, during the test from November 8th to 14th, there were 17 new confirmed positives among players and 35 among other personnel. As a result, since August 1st, the league has totaled 95 players and 175 other personnel.

“The biggest motivation I found when discussing this with the club was that it was much more common if it wasn’t protocol compliant in terms of wearing a mask, or if for some reason someone forgot something like a device. It’s more likely to be identified as a high-risk, close contact than it would otherwise be. ” Jeff Miller, executive vice president of communications, public relations and policy for the league, said.

“That is, when that individual coach or player is five days away from the team environment because the mask is down, it’s a lesson learned throughout the facility, so as far as that goes, it’s unlikely that you’ll have recurring problems. Not everyone is perfect all the time, but the greatest force is the ability to take someone out of the team environment and sacrifice the opportunity to play games or practice for a week. I think it’s sexual. Some of it is a bit unsold. When talking to clubs as a mechanism of behavioral change, it feels a lot. ”

Teams that have not participated in the intensive protocol are Jets, Buccaneers, Seahawks and Washington.

“Well, that changes a few things,” said Seattle coach Pete Carroll. “It doesn’t matter to us …. So we do anything …. We really keep the attitude that we can do this according to the wording of the law. It’s all aspects, And I think that idea is of utmost importance because it must be passed on to all aspects of everyone’s life. ”

Broncos linebacker Alexander Johnson asked his thoughts on the obligations of an intensive protocol and said, “We have to do what we have to do to get paid.”

Avonte Maddox, an Eagles cornerback who lives with teammate Dallas Gedert, said he probably wouldn’t host family and friends for Thanksgiving to avoid further risks.

“We have to do whatever it takes to be safe and play this game,” Maddox says. “You have to take responsibility at home and be prepared for everything they have planned for us.”

All NFL teams will join the intensive COVID-19 protocol on Saturday

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