Alec Baldwin Quarantine at Another House in Hilaria Drama

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Alec Baldwin secures and quarantines in a separate home from his child and wife, Hilaria Baldwin, as the dispute over accents continues.

Confirmed sources We weekly On Tuesday, January 12, the actor lived “for months” in another home in Amagansett, New York, “moving back and forth”. New York Post Page 6 Also on Tuesday 30 lock Alum Today’s rental housing is about a mile from the Hamptons home in Baldwin. The 62-year-old actor previously talked about life arrangements in an Instagram video in December 2020 and explained that he was staying at a “guesthouse near our house.”

“I have to go to New York, do some work, come back and quarantine here for a few days,” he explained to millions of followers at the time. “It’s not that much fun.”

Alec’s living news comes a few weeks after he publicly defended Hilaria on social media following a question about Hilaria’s heritage. In December 2020, social media users claimed that yoga instructors were engaged in “a long decade impersonating a Spaniard.”

“People feel they can say anything … they say things, they don’t have a lot of profile pictures, sometimes they do, there’s no discriminating feature hidden behind social media anonymity, they’re yours I want to shoot it everywhere and spray it everywhere on you, their poison and their hatred, “Alec said in an eight-minute IGTV video. “What has been said recently about the people I love and the people I care about is ridiculous.”

At that time, Hilaria also tackled a controversy explaining that she was “born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain.”

“We are celebrating both cultures at home. Alec and I are raising our children bilingually, just as I grew up. This is very important to me. My story I think it’s a little different, but it’s mine and I’m very proud of it, “she wrote on Instagram. “It’s not what I’m playing with … I want to make it very, very clear.”

Alec Baldwin Quarantine at Another House in Hilaria Drama

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