Airport queue after border forces endure “system failure” in electronic passport gates

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Passengers arriving in the UK on Friday reported that they were trapped in a large number of lines to enter the country after an IT “system failure” affected an electronic passport gate operated by border forces.

The problem is understood to have disabled e-passport gates at airports and other entrances across the country for several hours from late morning to mid-afternoon.

Shortly before noon, Edinburgh Airport tweeted: [who] You can continue to cross the border, but it will take a little longer than usual to resolve the issue. “

Approximately 45 minutes later, the airport indicated that staff had been assigned to carry out a manual check of travel documents.

“The IT problems of the British border forces are occurring nationwide and the UKBF team is working to resolve them,” said the airport. “All available UKBF staff will be in the arrivals hall to perform the necessary checks and ensure passengers can cross the border as soon as possible.”

An hour later, Heathrow Airport also tweeted and acknowledged the problem.

“We are aware of system failures affecting electronic gates staffed and operated by border forces,” he said. “This issue affects many immigration areas and is not a single issue at Heathrow Airport. Our team is working with BorderForce to find a solution as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, passengers arriving at the UK airport reported that immigration procedures were significantly delayed and there was a long delay.

This included journalist Louis Theroux, who tweeted a photo of a scene described as a “human logjam” at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

A tweet sent from London Airport at 3:20 pm showed that the issue was resolved and the electronic gate was working again.

“Earlier today, a system failure affected the electronic gates deployed and operated by border forces,” Heathrow said. “This issue, which has affected many immigration areas, has since been resolved and Heathrow’s electronic gates are back in operation. Our team is at hand and works with border forces to monitor the situation and passengers. I’m moving as soon as possible. “

Edinburgh Airport and other ports had already shown that there were no problems, but the Home Office issued the following statement: “The problem was quickly identified and is currently being resolved.”

According to the government, 270 e-passport gates operate in 15 air and rail ports across the UK.

Gate (Photo) It can be used by travelers with biometric passports issued by any country in the UK or European Economic Area, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. The gate is also open to those who have signed up for the UK Registered Traveler Service.

The gate allows automatic checking of documents and immigration status by scanning biometric chips on both the passport and the passenger’s face.

Airport queue after border forces endure “system failure” in electronic passport gates

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