AI companies roundup

As part of the study, experts calculated the amount of organizations affiliated with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in every nation in the world.

Based on the study results, a ranking of countries was compiled.

Below we will tell you about the countries in the world with the biggest number of AI firms.

AI companies roundup

7. France

French President Emmanuel Macron started a program for the active development of artificial intelligence development company in the country.

The French authorities want to make the country an industry leader.

France has always had powerful schools of mathematics and construction; many AI researchers come from France: they tend to work in Silicon Valley or London in high-tech firms.

6. Israel

Science and technology in Israel is one of the most refined activities in the country.

The rate of Israelis involved in accurate and professional projects and the number of study and development spending concerning gross internal goods are among the highest in the world.

5. India

India is becoming a significant global IT power.

India is one of the biggest software manufacturers and exporters in the world.

In current years, there have been significant advances in some of the innovative and high-tech areas of the Indian economy.

4. Canada

Due to its natural resources and geographic location, Canada has always been one of the leaders in the field of science and technology.

With government assistance and entrepreneurial support, Canadian researchers have made tremendous strides in improving and developing new vehicles, communications, equipment for the mining, forestry, hydraulic engineering, nuclear power, and food industries, etc.

Canadian firms have excelled in the growth of remote sensing systems, geophysical research, medicine, and bioengineering.

3. United Kingdom

The UK is a recognized leader in advanced technology.

The UK has been able to grow the most attractive target in Europe for innovative companies from throughout the world, especially for companies with high attached content in the areas of medicine and biology, data and telecommunications technology, innovative mechanical planning, and analysis and development thanks to data science agency.

In times of the amount of organizations working in the area of artificial intelligence, the UK ranks third in the world, being the leader in Europe.

2. China

Modern China combines the customs and traditions of one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet along with the latest technological developments in all spheres of life.

Large Chinese firms such as Tencent and Alibaba are quickly adding AI capabilities to their cloud offerings and selling their services to the rest of the world.

In result, about 1,011 companies are operating in the area of artificial intelligence development in China, which is 20.53% of the global volume.

1. USA

The United States is a world leader not just in the market, but additionally in the development of art and technology.

US Strategic Research Center RAND in its report last year listed potential applications for artificial intelligence.

Among them:

  • the creation of more flexible systems, possibly at lower costs;
  • development of more effective training systems;
  • software that processes a huge amount of data obtained during reconnaissance by observation or necessary for the analysis of “lifestyle”;
  • advanced face recognition systems;
  • intelligent systems for supporting tactical exercises and automated control systems by combat actions during the so-called semi-automatic operations, involving actions in automatic mode.

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