Agencies maintain security and safety standards for ‘cyber incident response’

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Two key government agencies have signed deals with business partners to provide support in demanding a response to “cyber events”.

On March 2, the Ministry entered into a one -year deal with BAE Systems. The deal, which gives the option of a 12 -month extension, will cost at least £ 50,000 in the global defense agreement, according to the release of commercial information.

The notice stated that “the company is looking for a business partner to provide access by demanding information in response to the cyber incident”.

Recently released business documents show that the Home Office has also agreed to a joint venture, which will have an outside company – in this case Deloitte – to support its response to cyberattacks and the like. other threats.

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The agreement, defined as a “cyber incident response retainer”, recognizes employees from the service industry who are placed on demand to assist the industry in handling security emergencies. In doing so, they will work closely with Home Office officials and support local security resources.

“This agreement supports the HO Security Operations Center (CSOC),” the notice said. “The CSOC provides the critical authority to monitor security for all Home Office systems and respond to all cybersecurity threats. The Cyber ​​Incident Response Retainer agreement ensures that it can be effectively implemented. appropriate support to increase CSOC as needed.

The deal will cost him £ 700,333 over three years. Although it was only published last week, the deal is set to run for the end of 2020. It should run until November 1, 2023.

The Government Cyber ​​Security Strategy has put in place measures to prevent government agencies from attacking and includes a goal to “publicize the general public of perceived vulnerabilities and types of attacks. war before 2030 ”.

The policy paper sets out a two -pronged approach to improving cybersecurity, with the first ensuring that “government agencies have the necessary infrastructure, machinery, equipment and support in place to maintain security. their cybersecurity problems ”.

“The second is to‘ prevent one ’,” according to the plan. “Recognizing the magnitude and speed of the threat that requires a more complete and integrated response, the government will take advantage of the value of sharing cyber security data, knowledge and with the ability of his teams to present a defense force stronger than the sum of his divisions. ”

Minister of the Cabinet Michael Ellis provides an independent overview of the Government Cyber ​​Security Strategy when it delivers a keynote address on CyberTechnology Security Consulting. The event was certified by CPD – that is travel is free for government employees – to be held at London’s Business Design Center on 29 March and include a series of independent exhibitions Alex Harris, head of the NHS and cyber risk management at NHSX which discusses the challenges of patient prevention and physicians: from WannaCry to Covid.

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Agencies maintain security and safety standards for ‘cyber incident response’

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