After the Afghans fall from the plane, the family lives with fear

It is a scene that has come to symbolize the chaotic end of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan.

As the C-17 Transporter raises altitude, an unstable cell phone video captures two small spots falling from an airplane. Images from another angle show that many of the tarmac crowds are stopping and pointing at their trucks.

The full story of the horror will be revealed later. The point was, after all, a desperate Afghan who was often hidden in the wheels. When the wheels were folded into the body of the plane, the stowaway faced the choice of being crushed to death or letting go and plunging into the ground.

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More than a month later, much is unknown about what happened during the tragic takeoff on August 16, the day after the Taliban rushed to Kabul, and a flood of Afghans trying to escape the country. Caused.

It remains unknown even how many people were killed. The video shows two dots falling from an aerial plane at intervals of a few seconds. However, the other person seen in the video is at least one other person, as the two bodies landed on the same roof at the same time, suggesting that they had fallen together. There may be. The U.S. military also said it had found that there were still humans left in the C-17’s wheel wells when it landed in Qatar, but did not identify any people. At least one young soccer player died on the tarmac and was crushed under the wheels of a C-17.

The U.S. military has stated that it has not completed the investigation that day. The C-17 had brought in supplies for an evacuation effort at the airport, but said he had been attacked by Afghans at the tarmac at the time of landing. Fearing that the plane would be overwhelmed, the crew decided to take off again without unloading the cargo. A video shot by Afghans at the tarmac shows hundreds of people running along the runway, not knowing how many jumped before the plane took off, but perhaps a dozen on the wheels. Sitting in

Neighbors explain when two men fell from the U.S. Air Force C-17, which took off from Kabul International Airport on August 16, and landed on the roof of his house in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday, September 17. As an Afghan girl looks up and listens. , 2021. (AP Photo / Felipe Dana)

One of the things that was pushed into Wheelwell was Fida Mohammad, a 24-year-old dentist.

He was once hopeful, his family said. He married last year at a luxury ceremony that cost his family $ 13,000. His dream of opening a dental office in Kabul has come true.

The Taliban then occupied Kabul, and all his future potential seemed to disappear, his father Painda Mohammed told The Associated Press.

The older man is still struggling to understand what his son was thinking when he climbed the wheel successfully. He is guilty of fearing that Fida has taken such a great risk because he wanted to help his father repay the large loan he had borrowed for his wedding.

With his head in his hand, Painda says he spends hours imagining his son’s last few minutes. I knew he had to let go of the horror he would have felt when the earth beneath him began to disappear and the wheels began to sway.

On the ground, Abdullah Wise was sleeping at home at the time and woke up to a strong noise. His first idea was an explosion. He hurried out. His neighbor gestured to his roof and told him about his body rolling from the sky.

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According to Wise, two bodies collided in the same corner of the roof, pointing to a place where the concrete was still bloody. Wise believes they were holding their hands because they fell in the same place. He said he collected the remains on a cloth and carried them to a nearby mosque.

“For the next 48 hours, I couldn’t sleep or eat,” he said.

Having packed their father’s name and number in their pockets, they identified one body as Fida. According to local media, the second body was identified as a young man named Safiullah Hotak.

During the last two weeks of August, when the United States and its allies ended their presence in Afghanistan, tens of thousands of Afghanistan surged towards Kabul Airport, desperate to escape the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. A 2-year-old child died in Stampede. A suicide bomber from an Islamic State group bombed in the middle of a crowd, killing 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. military personnel. But even after the explosion, thousands of people wanted to return to the airport and arrive at the airport.

The scene was so traumatic that the U.S. Air Force provided psychological counseling to Air Force personnel working at Kabul Airport and the unlucky C-17 flight crew after landing at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. bottom.

Another victim on August 16 was 17-year-old Zakianwari, the rising star of Afghanistan’s national football team. He watched the main character Lionel Messi’s play for hours. “He didn’t get enough. That was all he said, everything he did,” said his 20-year-old brother Zakir Anwari.

Zaki was too young to know the strict control of the Taliban in the late 1990s. But as the militants swept the countryside, Zaki’s social media was flooded with rumors and horror stories about life under the Taliban.

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When they last ruled, the Taliban banned most sports, including football, and regularly rounded up young men during prayer time to force them into the mosque. Zaki was convinced that his dream of fighting internationally with an Afghan team was over.

Zaki went to the airport with his brother and cousin on August 16th. When a man who wanted to work for an American company tried to enter the airport, he was just going to see the car. Instead, he overcame the airport border while they were gone.

Out of breath, Zaki then summoned his other brother, Zakil. He said he was in the airport and was immediately on the plane. Zakir begged his brother not to go, remembered that he didn’t have a passport or ID, and asked, “What are you going to do in America?”

But his brother hung up and called his mother. “Pray for me. I’m going to America,” Zaki said. She begged him to “go home.”

Zaki wasn’t listening anymore. Witnesses later told his family that he ran sideways as the aircraft speeded up, suddenly being knocked from the side and falling under the wheels to death.

Painda Mohammad, the father of a young dentist, has watched many videos on his mobile phone showing his son dancing at a wedding.

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He wept and said, “He was a gift from God, but now God has brought him back.”

Washington Associated Press writer Robert Burns contributed to this report.

After the Afghans fall from the plane, the family lives with fear

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