After Singapore’s vaccinated driving lane, travel searches Germany

Singapore Airlines planes are parked on March 15, 2021 next to Scoot airliners at the terminal tarmac at Singapore Changi International Airport.

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Interest in travel between Singapore and Germany soared after the announcement of so-called vaccinated travel lanes between the two countries. This means that inoculated travelers can skip the quarantine.

According to the popular online travel booking site Expedia, the number of searches for trips from Singapore to Germany’s destinations has skyrocketed about 10 times compared to the average for the last seven days on Friday afternoon.

According to the site, there was also a lot of interest in traveling from Germany to Singapore. Lavinia Rajalam, Head of APAC Communications at Expedia, said: In a statement on Friday.

“With the launch of the vaccinated travel lane scheme, this is definitely a good sign for those who are already vaccinated and want to travel and will provide a much welcome boost to the travel industry. “Raja Ram added.

Singapore’s vaccinated lane arrangement with Germany was announced by the city-state on Thursday, extending this initiative to Brunei.

Applications for unquarantine travel from Germany or Brunei to Singapole will be effective from September, but with certain conditions. Fully vaccinated people traveling to Singapore need to take four Covid tests. One is two days before departure, one is on arrival, one is on the third day and the other is on the seventh day.

Other conditions for a trip from Germany or Brunei to Singapole are as follows:

  • Travel on designated direct flights in the vaccinated lane (VTL).
  • Stay in Germany or Brunei for 21 consecutive days before the flight.
  • I’m downloading a contact tracking app in Singapore.

Regarding ticket pricing, Expedia’s Rajaram added that airlines offering flights under this scheme have announced “competitive pricing.”

Still, Raja Ram said: “It’s too early to conclude if prices will rise in the next few days, but we can expect demand to grow as we approach the holiday season. “”

Searches for travel from Hong Kong and Macau are also increasing

Singapore also announced that travelers from Hong Kong and Macau can now apply for air travel passes to enter Singapore, regardless of vaccination status.

Singapore officials also say that they do not need to be quarantined, but they must be tested for Covid when they arrive in Singapore and self-quarantined until a negative test result is obtained.

According to Expedia, the number of searches for trips from two territories of China to Singapore has also increased by nearly 450% since the announcement.

Expedia said, “Given that Hong Kong (Hong Kong) travelers are very enthusiastic about their first leisure trip, this is not a surprise to us. Singapore will be the top for Hong Kong travelers later this year. It’s also a destination. “

— CNBC’s Abigail Ng contributed to this report.

After Singapore’s vaccinated driving lane, travel searches Germany

Source link After Singapore’s vaccinated driving lane, travel searches Germany

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