According to UT Health SA doctors, 97% of COVID-19 patients in local hospitals are unvaccinated.

San Antonio – In hospitals, COVID-19 patients are increasing nationwide and throughout Bexar County due to delta variants.

Dr. Robert Leverence joined Leading SA on Sunday with UT Health San Antonio to discuss what the hospital is looking at and what will happen next in the fight against COVID-19 in the county.

“”97% of hospital patients admitted with covid are unvaccinated. You know, the staff there, they are very devoted. But as you know, this is their fourth round with this surge. So I have to say they are tired too. And I’m a little worried that if people come in for whimsical or other reasons, they may not get the care they want. Delays due to hospital congestion, “Dr. Leverence said.

This means that only 3% of the people in the hospital he sees are vaccinated, which is evidence that the vaccine is effective.


According to Dr. Leverence, even if you are vaccinated, you can still get COVID-19, but the symptoms may not be so serious.

“Fortunately, that should be a very mild case. In fact, our concerns are so mild that many vaccinated people act as vectors of infection and others, It’s really important for all of us to wear masks, especially because they’re not vaccinated and they’re infecting people who don’t know it, “Dr. Leverence said.

We discussed when the country should feel safe from this pandemic.

“Delta is a bit of a game changer. As you know, it’s another biology. It’s much more infectious than the original alpha variant. So, previously, 75% community immunity to control this virus. Now it looks like 90% of the community needs immunity due to the growing infectivity of Delta … so we are still certainly our job “I’m cutting out,” said Dr. Leverence.


We also discussed the possibility of a booster shot, the third shot that could be useful in the fight against COVID-19.

“”It’s just another dose of the second one. At least that’s what Israel is likely to do … There is some evidence that booster shots, especially for those with a weakened immune system, can bring some benefits. However, neither the CDC, the FDA, nor the World Health Organization currently approves this. This is mainly because our work is still cut out to give people the first shot. And the concern is that the opportunity cost does not reach that 90% community prevalence, paying attention to giving boosters to those who are already vaccinated. So it’s a tough situation. Eventually I will approve the CDC and I think the FDA will approve the third vaccine. They aren’t ready to do that yet, “Dr. Leverence said.

You can see a full interview with Dr. Leverence in the video player above.


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According to UT Health SA doctors, 97% of COVID-19 patients in local hospitals are unvaccinated.

Source link According to UT Health SA doctors, 97% of COVID-19 patients in local hospitals are unvaccinated.

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