According to the group, almost all US-owned chickens have the problem of fatty “white stripes.”

Modern farming means that more and more supermarket chickens have white stripes (actually fat pockets) running through them. In fact, according to a study released by The Human League on Monday, the majority of all store-branded chicken sold in major US supermarkets, or 99%, is affected by a muscle fat deposit called “white striping.” Have received.

According to the Animal Welfare Group, the report analyzed meat cases in major supermarkets in 29 states in the United States and found white-striped disease in all but one percent of chicken stock. .. Medium to severe white streaks were found in 70% of the chicken packages analyzed by the researchers, and all 16 major grocery chains surveyed showed white streaks on their branded chicken breast packages. rice field.

Nonprofits consider the findings to be an example of chickens being raised with little interest in welfare, but this pain can reduce the nutritional value of poultry when consumed by humans. There is also sex. The findings “should warn consumers everywhere,” Humane League President David Koman Heidi said in a news release.

The white stripes, which are the visible result of chickens raised for rapid growth, have a much higher fat content (up to 224% more) in the meat and lower protein levels, the Humane League said. Stated. White striping was almost non-existent less than 10 years ago and appeared in only 5% of chickens, but after 5 years it was 96%.

Chicken and other animals are generally factory-fed in the United States. That is, many are trapped in a small space to maximize production and minimize costs.

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Broilers bred for meat are bred for rapid weight gain, reducing the amount of food and water required before slaughter. Still, factory-fed chickens grow so fast that birds often fail to maintain their weight, replacing muscle with fibrous tissue and fat.

The Humane League report was dismissed as unscientific by the National Chicken Council, which considered the white stripes to resemble the marbling of lean meat. “White striping is not a disease. It is a quality factor in chicken breast caused by the accumulation of fat in muscles during bird growth and development,” a trade group spokesman said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch. rice field.

Only 3% to 6% of birds in commercial herds have severe cases of white stripes, and in most cases severe white stripe chicken is used in further processed products as boneless, skinless breasts. Not sold for retail sale. .. “Therefore, when consumers buy meat in stores, the meat does not have white stripes,” he said.

According to the Chicken Council, Americans eat more chicken than anyone else in the world, and poultry is the number one protein consumed in the United States.

According to the group, almost all US-owned chickens have the problem of fatty “white stripes.”

Source link According to the group, almost all US-owned chickens have the problem of fatty “white stripes.”

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