According to Novavax, the COVID-19 vaccine has shown 90% efficacy in large late-stage trials

Vaccine maker Novabax said on Monday that the shot was highly effective against COVID-19 and was also protected from mutants in large late-stage studies in the United States and Mexico.

The vaccine was about 90% effective overall, and preliminary data showed that it was safe, the company said.

Demand for COVID-19 shots in the United States has declined dramatically, but the need for more vaccines around the world remains important. Novavax vaccines, which are easy to store and transport, are expected to play an important role in facilitating vaccine supply in developing countries.

But the help is still months away. The company says it plans to seek approval of shots in the United States, Europe, etc. by the end of September, and by then will be able to generate up to 100 million doses per month.

“Many of our first doses … go to low- and middle-income countries, and that was our first goal,” Novabax CEO Stanley Elk told The Associated Press.

According to Our World In Data, more than half of the US population receives at least one COVID-19 vaccination, while less than 1% of people in developing countries receive one vaccination.

The Novavax survey was attended by approximately 30,000 people over the age of 18 in the United States and Mexico. Two-thirds received two vaccinations every three weeks and the rest received dummy shots.

The vaccinated group had 77 COVID-19-14 cases, the rest of whom were volunteers who received dummy shots. None of the vaccine groups had moderate or severe illness compared to 14 in the placebo group.

The vaccine was equally effective against several variants, including the first detected in the United Kingdom, which predominates in the United States, and in high-risk populations, including the elderly and other people with health problems.

Side effects were mostly mild-tenderness and pain at the injection site. There were no reports of abnormal blood clots or heart problems, Elk said.

Novavax will report the results in a press release and publish them in medical journals scrutinized by independent experts. The Maryland-based company has previously published findings from small studies in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The COVID-19 vaccine recognizes the coronavirus, especially the peplomer that covers it, and trains the body to prepare to fight the virus. The Novavax vaccine is made from a laboratory-grown copy of the protein. This is unlike some of the other vaccines in widespread use today. It contains genetic instructions for the body to make its own pepomer.

The Novavax vaccine can be stored in a standard refrigerator for easy distribution.

Novavax previously announced production delays due to supply shortages. The company currently expects to reach 100 million monthly production by the end of September and 150 million monthly production by December.

The company promises 110 million doses to the United States and 1.1 billion doses to developing countries next year.

In May, the Vaccine Alliance Gavi announced that it had signed an agreement to purchase 350 million Novavax vaccines. Shipments are expected to begin in the third quarter. COVAX, a global initiative to provide vaccines to countries, faces a serious shortage of vaccines after India’s largest supplier suspends exports until the end of the year.

Novavax has been working on vaccine development for over 30 years, but has not brought the vaccine to market. The company’s coronavirus vaccine work is partially funded by the US government.

According to Novavax, the COVID-19 vaccine has shown 90% efficacy in large late-stage trials

Source link According to Novavax, the COVID-19 vaccine has shown 90% efficacy in large late-stage trials

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