ACCC wants to participate in the Epic-Apple proceedings to provide public policy views

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Another party has applied for participation in an Australian court battle between Epic Games and Apple. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has stated that it wants to provide its court with ideas on competitive public policy.

Epic Games-Apple’s proceedings are currently pending, and Judge Nye Perram said he hopes the outcome of a similar proceeding will be heard in the United States before proceeding with the Australian proceedings. ..

To continue the proceedings, Pelham decides if Apple is formally accused of violating Australian consumer law in the United States, or if a U.S. court decides whether Apple’s app store practices are rebellious. He explained that the Australian problem would resume only if he did not want to give up. -Competitiveness.

Epic continues the proceedings because it believes that the Australian proceedings should proceed regardless of the outcome of the U.S. proceedings, despite the proceedings of the U.S. proceedings that began last week. Appeal against Pelham’s decision.

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Focusing on Epic Games’ appeals, the ACCC has applied to be an active participant in the appeals court because it believes Australia’s view as a competition watchdog will help the courts.

“The ACCC has taken the unusual step of seeking leave to appear in this appeal because the application for residence raises serious public policy issues. As the statutory body responsible for managing Australian competition law. We believe we can assist the court, “ACCC Chair Rod Sims explained.

If given permission to appear, the ACCC will not be a party to the proceedings, but will file on limited issues.

The ACCC’s application for permission to appear concerns an appeal from a stay ordered by Pelham.

Regulators said at this stage that the ACCC did not seek permission to appear in a substantive proceeding in which Epic accused Apple of committing anti-competitive acts through app store practices.

Epic Games has accused Apple of app store practices in various jurisdictions, including Australia, the EU, the United Kingdom, and the United States, accusing iPhone makers of exploiting market power to significantly reduce competition in the app distribution and payment process. Did.

Fortnite makers have also filed a proceeding against Google over similar accusations of Play Store practices in the same jurisdiction.

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ACCC wants to participate in the Epic-Apple proceedings to provide public policy views

Source link ACCC wants to participate in the Epic-Apple proceedings to provide public policy views

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