Abbott will direct the DPS to arrest and deport migrants at the Texas border

A White House spokesman said that “the enforcement of our immigration laws is the responsibility of the federal government, not the state.”

WESLACO, Texas – Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced a new plan to take migrants crossing the Texas border by bus to Washington, D.C., especially to the steps of the U.S. Capitol. This was part of a series of new executive orders issued by the governor to resolve border problems.

Abbott’s orders come in response to the Biden administration’s repeal of Title 42, a public health policy launched by the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows the government to quickly expel migrants and asylum seekers from countries with an infectious disease such as COVID-19.

A statement from the White House on Thursday said border protection was the responsibility of the federal government, not state governments.

“Implementation of our country’s immigration laws is the responsibility of the federal government, not the state,” he said. The title 42 public health order will remain in effect until May 23, “a White House spokesman said.” After that, normal immigration processing will be restored. Migrants trying to enter the country illegally will be involved in the immigration process.

The statement said that after the end of Chapter 42, there should be ways for those seeking asylum to do so.

“Asylum and other legal migration routes should be accessible to those who want to be protected, but those who do not meet the requirements will be deported immediately to their countries of origin,” he said.

Abbott said the federal government expects about 18,000 migrants a day to cross the southern border. This means a total of 540,000 transfers per month.

“We have the potential to cross the border illegally by the end of this year, with more people living in Los Angeles, America’s second-largest city,” Abbott said.

He added that the Biden administration is already taking migrants across the border to upper and lower Texas cities, which do not have the resources to solve the problem.

“They themselves put these migrants on buses to San Antonio,” Abbott said. “So I said I have a better idea. Instead of taking these people to San Antonio by bus, let’s continue the journey to Washington.”

Abbott also issued three more orders to solve border problems:

  • Enhanced safety checks for all vehicles entering Mexico from Texas
  • Boat blockades along certain parts of the Rio Grande River
  • Razor wire in low water crossings in high traffic areas

The governor acknowledged that stopping more vehicles at the border would have a significant negative impact on transport, but he said unplanned immigration should be prevented. The directive came into force on Wednesday afternoon.

Abbott plans to mobilize the Texas National Guard as part of this phase. From Thursday, they will begin mass migration exercises, as government officials expect a large influx of people crossing the border. Abbott said they would be given means of rioting to prevent the violence.

There are no plans for Texas-led deportations

Abbott simply said that Texas would deport migrants, a controversial step that many former Trump officials forced him to take.

Ahead of Abbott’s press conference, Democratic Sen. Juan Chui Hinohosa, a Democratic member of the Senate Border Security Committee, said the governor would announce a plan to arrest and detain migrants and then deport them. Despite being a Democrat, Hinojosa supported the plan.

“The federal government is not doing enough, not putting enough resources to deal with all the migrants coming to the border,” Hinojosa said. “Thus, we have a responsibility to the citizens of Texas to ensure safety when the law is broken.”

However, Abbott stopped doing so on Wednesday. He said his actions were the first step in a two-phase plan. The governor will give more details about the second phase next week.

Reaching again after the governor’s press conference, Hinojosa said he was surprised that the governor was going in a different direction. He said it could be difficult to transport migrants to Washington, as they still have to cross the Border Patrol checkpoints, which are controlled by the federal government.

Hinojosa expects the immigration problem to upset the Border Patrol and the DPS and the Texas National Guard will have to fill in the gaps. He also believes that the federal government should finally return the billions of dollars that Texas spent on border security.

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Abbott will direct the DPS to arrest and deport migrants at the Texas border

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