Abbott shows “ruthless disregard for life” in a new executive order

San Antonio – Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s latest executive order further removes local government tools to help public health experts curb the spread of COVID-19, Thursday Was sharply criticized by San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

Under Executive Order, government agencies cannot “force individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine given under an emergency use authorization.”

In addition, if COVID-19 hospitalization exceeds 15% of the total hospital capacity in the region for seven consecutive days, the local government will lose its ability to reduce its business capacity. The governor gave the county judge power in a previous executive order before Thursday’s reversal.


“It’s tragically ironic that Governor Abbott continues his emergency order, but robs him of the tools to mitigate that very emergency,” Nirenberg said in a statement. “The governor has shown a cold disregard for life and safety, contrary to clear medical guidance, endangering the safety and economic recovery of children.”

On Wednesday, Judge Nelson Wolff of Nirenberg and Bexar County wrote to the governor seeking permission to allow the school to request a face mask. Abbott did not reply to them, but his new order reveals that all government agencies, including schools, cannot mandate face masks as students are preparing to return to direct instruction. I am doing it.

Authorities also sought more resources to reduce the burden on hospitals as COVID-19 hospitalizations have more than quadrupled in the past month. Nirenberg said Abbott had not yet responded to the request.


Cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing in Texas and other countries. On Wednesday, Texas reported 10,000 new coronavirus infections for the first time since February 9.

Similarly, hospitalizations are on the rise. In Bexar County, about 140 people were hospitalized in early July. As of Thursday, that number is now 695.

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Abbott shows “ruthless disregard for life” in a new executive order

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