Abbott calls on institutions to protect children “from pornography”

Austin, Texas — The Texas Board of Education Association has “waived responsibility,” Governor Greg Abbott told the Texas Board of Education, the Texas State Library Archives, and the Texas Board of Education on Monday, “Protecting Children from Porn. And improper content in Texas Public School. “

What you need to know

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the heads of three state institutions on Monday calling for “protecting children from pornography and inappropriate content in public schools.”
  • Abbott had previously asked the Texas Board of Education to do the same, but said the committee had “waived responsibility.”
  • In a statement, the Texas Board of Education Association stated that it had no authority to direct content available to public school students.
  • Abbott’s request came after Republican Rep. Matt Krause launched a campaign to investigate public school books on race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Abbott joined Republican Rep. Matt Krause in a campaign to investigate public school books covering topics such as race, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

In early November, Abbott called on the Texas Board of Education to take the lead, but he said the committee was “faulty” in this regard.

“Instead of addressing parental concerns and protecting Texas children from porn in public schools, the Texas Board of Education sought to wash hands out of the problem by relinquishing all responsibility for the problem.” Abbott wrote in a letter. To the heads of educational institutions in the three states mentioned above.

Krause, chair of the House General Investigating Committee, sends state and local school officials a list of more than 800 books on these subjects and related issues and asks them to search for books on campus. Did. Klaus wants the school to advise which books and how many books they have, where they are stored, and how they were paid.

Many of the books on the list are written by women, people of color, and LGBTQ writers and cover topics such as teenage pregnancy and abortion. Klaus’s investigation, conducted after Abbott signed a law similar to that approved by the legislatures of other Republican-controlled states, limits the way schools teach race and racism. In Texas, this includes the idea that the advent of slavery in the United States today marks the true creation of the country.

In his latest letter, Abbott cites books that have been deleted from the school library and books that have been taken out of the classroom.

“For example, the Keller Independent School District was recently forced to remove a book titled” Gender Wire: Memoir “by Maiakobabe from the school library following complaints about pornographic books. In addition, the Leander Independent School District recently removed several books from the classroom due to inappropriate content. This included a book titled “At the House of Dreams” by Carmen Maria Machado. It describes explicit sexual activity and pornographic activity, “writes Abbott.

Abbott did not elaborate on why these images qualify for pornography or texts containing pornographic acts.

The Texas Association of School Boards states that the school district does not have the authority to determine the materials that the school district will provide to students, and those decisions are usually made at the local level. The Board issued the following statement:

“I received a letter from Governor Abbott about parental concerns about books and content allegedly found in several public school libraries in Texas, but why this letter was sent to the Texas Board of Education (TASB). Is confused. There are no regulators for school districts and they do not set standards for materials, including library books.

“The role of the school board primarily includes developing the district’s strategic plan, adopting policies at public meetings, approving the district’s budget, and selecting and assessing supervisors.

“In most school districts, the review and selection of individual library materials has traditionally been a management responsibility managed by professional school district staff.

“Of course, school board trustees are deeply interested in parents’ concerns and community opinions, so local school boards influence the local school community, including issues with library materials. We have policies and processes for parents to raise concerns about the issue. “

Critics say this is yet another attempt by Abbott to appeal to his base as the two challengers push him to the right and head for the primary. ..

“It’s primarily a political attitude. The fact that it’s labeled as pornography can be misleading. For some students it’s too far, maybe too much, but it may be considered too much. It’s clear that this is a political motive and is associated with these greater concerns about how the state cracks down on what the school’s board can do, “says Brandon, a professor of political science at the University of Houston. Rottinghouse says.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Abbott calls on institutions to protect children “from pornography”

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