Aaron Dean’s trial has been postponed again at the request of a new judge

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The trial of former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean, accused of killing Atatiana Jefferson in 2019, has been suspended again.

The break comes after Dean’s lawyers asked Judge David Haggerman to drop the case.

According to a statement from the dean’s lawyers, Judge Haggerman sided with them “and became more hostile, overbearing and rude.”

In response, Judge Haggerman told the court on June 13 that he would not resign voluntarily. In addition to the delay, a hearing on his proposed waiver has not yet been scheduled and may not take place until the end of June.

Judge George Gallagher told the court on Monday that the case could not move forward until a decision was made on the waiver.

During Monday’s hearing, prosecutors said they had canceled their leave to stay available for the June hearing, but said they wanted more time to select a jury for the high-level trial.

Dean’s lawyer Miles Brissette said the two sides were discussing the involvement of a future jury to fill out the long questionnaires. Lawyers will then ask for time to review the answers and select potential jurors for the case before returning to the question.

The selection of the jury would begin on June 21, and the trial would begin two days later, on June 23.

In a motion filed by the Dean’s lawyers last week, they claim that the other two cases they are working on now have court dates that could conflict with the case. In these cases, the defendants are still in custody and one of them is a child victim, so they claim that local and provincial rules prefer to hear these cases.

Fort Worth defense attorney Benson Varghese said, “If you have a case of sexual violence involving a child victim and a person is in custody, there are two legitimate reasons for this to be the first case.”

Varghese said on June 10 that the layers of state, regional and local rules regarding the court’s planning priorities are clear and must be followed. However, all parties could still sit down and agree to resolve something.

“Traditionally, when conflicts arise in Tarrant County, the parties have tried to come together to see if there is a resolution that works for everyone,” he said.

The dean is charged with the October 2019 shooting death of Jefferson. The trial was postponed in December due to planned clashes with expert witnesses. Defense attorney Jim Lane was suspended again in May due to illness and inability to prepare. At the time, Haggerman said the trial would take place “without exception” in June.

Aaron Dean’s trial has been postponed again at the request of a new judge

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