A woman shot on a film set that is remembered as a talented cinematographer

New York – Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, whose film set was deadly shot by a propeller gun, grew up at a Soviet military base in the Arctic and worked as a research reporter in Europe before studying film in Los Angeles. rice field.

The 42-year-old Hutchins was shot Thursday in a set of “rust” in western New Mexico. A Baldwin spokesman said there was an accident involving a prop gun with a blank. The detective was investigating.

According to her website, she grew up in a Soviet base “surrounded by reindeer and nuclear submarines.” She holds a graduate degree in international journalism from Kiev National University in Ukraine, works on British documentary works in Europe, and graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory in 2015.

Her other achievements include the crime drama “Blind Fire” and the horror film “Darlin”, whose director Pollyanna McIntosh has made her “the most talented and wonderful artist and teammate in the trench.” I did. “


Friends and colleagues immediately posted compliments on social media.

“It’s very sad to lose Harina, and I was so furious that this could happen on the set,” tweeted Adam Egypt Mortimer, who worked with her on the 2020 thriller “Arkenemi.” “She was a wonderful talent who was absolutely devoted to art and film.”

“Arkinemy” star Joe Manganiello tweeted that Hutchins is “great talent and great people.”

“I can’t believe this could happen in this era … Can shooting from a prop gun kill the crew? What a horrifying tragedy. My heart is directed at her family. “He writes.

Mackintosh posted some photos of Hutchins on Instagram from the 2019 movie set.

“I was very lucky to have her as a cinematographer for Darling.” I miss you. You were going to keep making great movies, “writes Mackintosh.

On her Instagram page, Hutchins identified herself as a “restless dreamer” and an “adrenaline addict.” Recently she posted some images from a set of “Rust” on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The images included early morning shots of the desert sky, a video of myself riding a horse on a holiday, and a photo of the crew gathered to show solidarity with union members seeking a new contract. rice field.

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A woman shot on a film set that is remembered as a talented cinematographer

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