A woman is accused of killing the Houston couple’s 6-year-old daughter

Investigators say they hired a man to kill former Donyavia Lagway, Gregory Carhee and 6-year-old Harmony Carhee at their home in southwest Alexus Williams.

Houston – A woman has been charged in connection with the murder of a couple in southwest Houston and their 6-year-old daughter last summer.

Alexus Chenelle Williams, 29, Donyavia Lagway, 29, Gregory Carhee, 35, and Harmony Carhee, 6, are charged with three counts of shooting to death in their southwest Houston apartment on June 30. .

Their 10-year-old daughter was also shot and seriously injured. She survived, playing like a dead man, holding her 1-year-old baby brother in her arms, who was thrown across the room by the brave little girl killer.

Harris County Attorney Sean Teare said, “This incredibly young lady was able to stand up despite being seriously injured and (and) looked at her 1-year-old baby brother who was still in the apartment.”

Prosecutors say Williams had an affair with Lagway, but the mother of four decided to return to her husband.

They say Williams hired 28-year-old Javier Davis to kill the whole family and told him that Fondren could have all the money he earned in his 12,100 apartment. Prosecutors say Williams may have even watched him kill victims on his phone.

“He was at the Facetime with Alexis Williams. This means that he watched either the executions or the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the family,” said Sean Tire of the Harris County Attorney General’s Office.

He said Williams even spoke to the victims before the shooting.

Davis was arrested in early July on aggravated assault charges on three counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault.

Williams spoke only once during a hearing on Thursday.

“I don’t fully understand what you’re saying,” Williams told the judge.

Judge Eva Flores replied: “You have nothing to do with any of the three murders.”


Investigators initially said they believed the second suspect was also involved. And after learning about this connection, they suspected that it was Williams.

But it took months to break his cell phone, and then it took longer to sort everything out.

Prosecutors say they found long text messages between the two suspects on the day of the crime.

But it was that Facetime video that sealed Williams’ fate.

“Very, very tragic scene”

The incident shocked even veteran Houston police and shocked family members.

“It was a very, very tragic scene,” said Patricia Cantu, assistant chief of HPD. “We send prayers to the family. It was a difficult scene not only for us but also for the family.”

Donyavia’s cousin Ronette Terrell said no one deserved to go through such a thing, especially her children.

“Why? That’s what I don’t understand, “said Ronette. “I was just skeptical when I got the phone call, and then he told me it was both over and I said it couldn’t be true.”

The brave young man survived

Ronette said a 10-year-old boy’s quick thinking saved his life.

“He waited until he left and pretended to be dead, then when he left he locked the door, grabbed his younger brother and called his grandmother,” he said.

The 11-year-old girl is currently under the care of her two grandmothers and has undergone several surgeries.

The couple also had an 8-year-old child who was not at home at the time. Family members said they had just learned that Donyavia was pregnant with her fifth child.

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A woman is accused of killing the Houston couple’s 6-year-old daughter

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