A war with China over Taiwan would bomb two aircraft carriers and 700 fighters, the US would lose a fifth of its military, according to simulations.

China will sink at least two U.S. aircraft carriers and destroy hundreds of U.S. aircraft in a war over Taiwan, a new wargame predicts.

According to a chilling scenario, a brief but brutally intense conflict would destroy approximately one-fifth of U.S. aircraft carriers and fighter jets, as well as at least 20 other warships.


US planes at Kadena - Wargames predicts the destruction of a large number of US planes at Kadena


US planes at Kadena – Wargames predicts the destruction of a large number of US planes at KadenaCredit: SWNS


China’s DF-17 Missile Called ‘Carrier Killer’


America will lose two huge ships in war with ChinaCredit: A.P.

Wargaming was conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Chinese invasion of Taiwan The subsequent 21-day war would look like this:

China views the autonomous islands as part of its own territory and has promised to reunite them with the mainland by force if necessary.

chinese leader Xi Jinping After refusing to rule out the use of force and becoming leader for life, Beijing An attack on Taiwan is “almost guaranteed.”

The CSIS war game envisions a number of scenarios in which China attempts to take the island in 2026, and the damage done to US forces comes in support of that.

In their basic scenario, of the US Navy Losses “included two U.S. aircraft carriers and between seven and twenty other major surface warships”.

Fighter losses range from a low of 90 to a high of 774.

The United States currently has 11 aircraft carriers and is estimated to have about 3,800 fighter aircraft.

Attacks include attacks by China’s DF-17 hypersonic missiles Called a “career killer” Because of its ability to be guided by powerful U.S. ships at frightening speeds.

This loss equates to at least 3,200 US deaths at a rate of 140 per day. This dwarfed the people who suffered during America’s recent conflict, approaching the 300 deaths per day he suffered in World War II.

By comparison, the United States was killing about 3 people per day in Afghanistan and Iraq, compared with 30 per day at the height of the Vietnam War in 1968.

Why is Taiwan a flashpoint between the US and China?

The dispute over Taiwan stems from the Chinese Civil War, which ended in 1949 with the victory of the Communist Party, Mao Zedong.

With a population of just 22 million, Taiwan was recognized as the government of China until 1971 when the mainland won a seat in the United Nations.

China’s exiled leader Chiang Kai-shek, aided by the United States, fled with a defeated army from the island of Taiwan, about 100 miles off the mainland coast.

Since then, Taiwan has established a unique identity and has become a prosperous democracy with close ties to the West, especially the United States.

The party, led by the current president, Tsai Ing-wen, has independence as its ultimate goal.

However, China continues to consider the islands to be part of its territory and has promised to reunify by force if necessary.

Even voting on independence war trigger.

To that end, China is pouring billions of dollars into modernizing its military, including building a fleet of aircraft carriers to rival the U.S. Navy.

This put the country on a collision course with the United States, a major arms supplier.

President Joe Biden recently said the United States would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.

In recent years, the U.S. Air Force and Navy have been patrolling the waters around Taiwan, which has heightened tensions and is a major nuisance to China.

Chinese fighters regularly haunt the island while they ramp up rehearsals for the invasion.

The war game sees China attacking US military bases in Kadena, Japan and Guam with barrages of missiles and air strikes.

such an attack compared What the Japanese did to the US at Pearl Harbor.

Wargame paints a grim picture of what reinforcements arriving at Kadena would encounter.

An “entire squadron” of wrecked US aircraft was “crushed to the side of the runway.”

In addition to property damage, there is the shocking sight of “a base hospital with hundreds of wounded and a temporary cemetery to process many of the dead.”

“Missile strikes and aerial combat will wipe out squadrons that arrived just a few days ago.

“Newly arrived personnel must immediately carry out operations against a strong Chinese army that has suffered a great number of casualties.”

The devastation will hit the United States, according to CSIS, a Washington, DC-based think tank.

“In addition to shocking the American public, the scale of casualties and loss of equipment will stun American forces that have dominated the battlefield for generations,” CSIS said.

“These losses are especially difficult for the Air Force and Navy, which have essentially operated in sanctuary since the end of World War II.

“Such losses would undermine the United States’ global standing for years to come.”

Ultimately, Wargames predicts, China can only get Taiwan if the United States does not come to its aid if it “suffers” if it fights the United States.

“The navy is in disarray, the core of the amphibious force has been destroyed and tens of thousands of soldiers are taken prisoner.”

While the United States wins and Taiwan survives as an autonomous island, the losses on all sides are staggering, CSIS said.

“The United States may suffer more in the long run than the ‘defeated’ Chinese. Winning isn’t everything. ”

Beijing may be Preparing for lightning war To cross the Taiwan Strait and occupy islands, experts say war may never be quick.

With harsh coasts, rugged terrain, well-trained defenders, and unforgiving seas, China could face the same brutal crushing war Russia faces in Ukraine.

Even Beijing can be demanded to take Taiwan raise an army of 2 millionis claimed.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20993984/us-lose-fifth-military-carriers-jets-war-china-taiwan/ A war with China over Taiwan would bomb two aircraft carriers and 700 fighters, the US would lose a fifth of its military, according to simulations.

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