A Texas nurse is among the group that saved three people from a plane crash in Alaska

The plane crashed near students and patrons of the Grapevine Faith Christian School in the Alaska leaders’ shelter.

DALLAS – A North Texas school trip to Alaska sparked a rescue that they believe had nothing to do with chance.

“There was nothing that happened by accident,” said John Brooks, head of the Grapevine Faith Christian School tour. “It simply came to our notice then. The bodies began to fly. “People have reached the right place.”

The group was 100 miles northeast of Anchorage, along the Matanuska River, and their guide, Brett Winterbottom, was completing a zip line tour when he saw the plane circling far below what it should have been.

“We all saw this plane coming because it was really low and we were worried he wouldn’t see the zip line,” he said.

Then he fell behind a row of trees.

“I looked at my co-workers and said, ‘This plane just landed, it just crashed,'” Winterbottom said.

“We heard it out loud,” said Tammy Saunders, the leader of another group.

Saunders previously worked as a trauma nurse in Dallas for more than a decade and trained as an air transport EMT.

“I was like, ‘Someone has medical experience,'” Winterbottom said. “And he says, ‘I’m a nurse,’ and I was like, ‘You’re with me.’

“When I saw the water and the river, I realized it was important to get them out of the water,” Saunders said.

No matter how far away the area is, Winterbottom says the plane simply landed 60 miles from the river where they could get help.

“It was completely destroyed,” he said. “It was folded in half, inverted, and simply torn apart.”

According to Winterbottom, 27-year-old Logan Snyder, 26-year-old Nicole Snyder and their 7-month-old son swam in the river on a plane that turned into a shirt and shorts.

“Babies can’t stand the cold at all, and I didn’t even know what his injuries were at the time,” Saunders said.

Winterbottom tied himself to the ATV, froze, and grabbed Logan Snyder and the child. Nicole was able to swim to shore on her own and was rescued by a private helicopter.

Saunders tried to keep the child warm until a LifeMed Air ambulance arrived shortly after. The Providence Medical Center, where the child was taken, said he was in good condition.

Winterbottom said, “They were seriously injured and traumatized and soaked in 35-degree water for about 10 minutes so they really enjoyed survival.” “It was just their will and desire to live that was incredible.”

The school walk was designed for leadership and faith, and this is exactly what they believe was demonstrated to keep a family of three alive.

“Thirty seconds later and we’re losing a lot of people,” Brooks said. “We’ve reached the seconds and the right people are in the right place.”

A Texas nurse is among the group that saved three people from a plane crash in Alaska

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