A security plan integrated for a strong digital source

Today’s district does not run in safety.

So what are you going to do? And what else is out there for organizations looking to secure their data in a world where cybercrime is offered as a service?

One Safety

VMware’s security strategy is a holistic approach that enables organizations to overcome challenges related to traditional, bolted-on, siloed, and threat-centric systems.

Led by the Zero Trust model created by Forrester VP & Senior Analyst, John Kindervag, VMware’s security strategy works on the basis of “no trust, always authentication”.

Research shows that 60% of ransomware now refers to critical businesses.

Integrating VMware security solutions into an organization’s virtualization portfolio enables security organizations to protect the most vulnerable areas to cyberthreats: vulnerabilities, low performance, network, space work (identity), and the world.

And importantly, you can use what you have found in new ways, so you can combine data, tools, and organizations, work faster, and be more efficient. the work.

Rear limit

A common challenge for security organizations is a lack of awareness of users and applications, as well as exposure to strong threats – a major problem when trying to keep an employee at bay. all areas that participate in corporate activity in their own right.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a one -stop, Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that combines smart system complexity with protection. He researches real -time uploads across every app, cloud, and devices and transforms and extends the tradition.
antivirus (AV) solutions.

It helps you illuminate hidden endpoints in security units, gives you full insight into the attack chain, so you can quickly replace a new threat before it starts.

These can change the game, as they can help you quickly transition from a reactive defense state to a strong state. By streamlining awareness, preventing, and responding to cyberthreats, IT and security organizations can reduce disruption, fix security breaches, and keep employees informed of the product. a safe.

Occupational safety

The benefits of moving around the world are well known but small companies are ready for the additional challenges and increasing security risks that their operations will bring. And while complexity is the biggest obstacle to a sustainable security plan, it is important for organizations to choose an easy path.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is designed to be built into the business unit and run as an agentless plug-in on VMware vSphere. It can work with IT and security teams using simple software to simplify downtime and servers and stop data breach before it can have a negative impact on your system. Business.

It’s kind of a great comparison

VMware security works well because it covers 5 layers of protection around data and applications, including:

  • Certification and authorization
  • Information and description of the user type
  • Value integration and data
  • Hard to set up
  • Proper separation

By looking at security at each level, VMware systems can help you implement a Zero Trust scenario where the user or users are not trusted.

The traditional security was broken. Fix with VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

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A security plan integrated for a strong digital source

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