A school on the Isle of Wight hit by ransomware

Six schools on the Isle of Wight could be hit by a ransomware attack, encrypting data and delaying the start of a new semester.

According to the federation, data-encrypted attacks struck the school and its affiliate, the Isle of Wight Education Federation, between July 28 and 29. Since Friday, all school websites have been offline.

Affected schools were Carisbrooke College, Island 6th Form, Medina College, Barton Primary, Hunnyhill Primary and Lanesend Primary. Lanesend Primary announced that the launch of its new product in September could be delayed by a few days.

“As you can imagine, the team is currently working for hours, days, and months to recreate the lost information. To support this painstaking process, the Board of Trustees Approved to close the school for 3 days. The last day of summer vacation. This means that the children will not return to school until Monday, September 6, 2021. Please be patient with the team during this period. I will, “said a school spokesman.

The Isle of Wight Education Federation said it is in contact with authorities to track cybercriminals and understand the full impact of the attack.

“We are working with local police and authorities, the Ministry of Education, cyber support, and various ICT system providers to move this forward and ensure that the necessary and appropriate systems are in place for the new school year. “I will,” said the spokesman.

Schools, universities and other public service and public sector organizations have become popular targets for ransomware gangs. Five schools on Anglesey shut down in June, and the University of Newcastle was one of the higher education institutions heavily influenced by ransomware last year. Meanwhile, Irish medical services are still recovering from the May ransomware incident, where patient details were published on the dark web.

Regarding the latest incident, Oz Alashe, CEO and founder of security platform CybSafe, said: It may lead to the education of students. “

“Coping with human security behavior continues to be the most effective measure organizations can take to mitigate this type of risk. Awareness of ransomware attacks for both students and staff. Providing a means of enhancing and identifying and flagging such attacks will help prevent this type of attack. It will violate and allow schools to avoid confusion at this critical time. “

A school on the Isle of Wight hit by ransomware

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