A record slugger towing Georgetown University softball

Georgetown, Texas — Braylin Pannill likes to hit bombs.

She is the biggest home run threat to the powerful Georgetown softball lineup. Her bat cracks are a nightmare for opponents. She repeats this season, scoring 14 home runs and teaming the Eagles when they entered the playoff series with Leander. Leaded.

“It just flows through the bat. You’ll know right away when you contact me,” said Paneer. “I know they’re gone 99% of the time, but I want to walk out of the box right away. It’s just not. “

Paneer is also the most prolific home run hitter in the history of the show. The junior broke the Eagles school record earlier this season.

“I didn’t really know I had a record until I posted my career leaderboard,” Paneer said. “Then I found it. My dad was telling me how close I was.”

Paneer currently hits 26 home runs in just over 70 career games. She hit Team High’s 14 long balls in 2021.

“I hit one the other day. I knew it was happening, so everyone just left,” Pannill said. “It’s a lot of fun to do such a big thing and contribute to the team.”

The Eagles are following her reed. Nine players hit a total of 50 home runs. The depth that helped Georgetown advance to the regional finals for the first time since 1994.

“They can be frustrated when playing against other teams, because they can pitch to one kid and let someone else do the work,” said Jessica Bond, coach of Georgetown. Because. “

Power surges are not a problem for a year either. The Eagles’ top three smashers (including Paneer) are all junior students.

“It’s so cool that the girls jumped into their roles and took charge of what they could do,” Bond said. “Knowing freshmen, sophomores, sophomores, sophomores, whatever class they are, just relying on each other and knowing they will accomplish it.”

Freshman Madison Hartley has already outpaced Paneer’s record pace, although Paneer’s sophomore season has been shortened by COVID-19.

Braylin Pannill will warm up with this image from May 2021. (Spectrum News 1 / Adam Rossow)

“She came in and was like my competitor, and I already told her that you might beat it,” Paneer said.

Eagles coach Jessica Bond said that in addition to producing in play, Paneer’s personality helped keep the team loose.

“She’s usually at the bottom of most jokes in Dougout,” Bond said. “She can be powered on when she needs to, and while she’s doing it. You can enjoy it. “

And for Paneer, nothing is more fun than hitting a bomb.

“It’s not fun if it’s not fun. I want to make it fun in any situation,” said Paneer.

A record slugger towing Georgetown University softball

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