A Quick Guide For Parents Who Happen To Deliver A Baby With A Birth Injury

Hearing that your newborn baby has suffered a birth injury is no less than a nightmare and is something that no parent would ever want to hear. After all, waiting for nine long months in the hope of seeing your peace of heaven right in front of your eyes is just a phenomenal feeling. And any such devastating news can snatch away all your happiness and become a tragic situation all over.

Birth injuries can lead to severe disabilities and may also prove to be fatal in some cases. Thus, landing down in a situation wherein you get to hear such news about birth injury can be highly devastating and challenging.

But staying calm and being geared up to face the loss and consequences is the only way by which you can cope with the situation. Here is a quick guide about a few things that every parent should know who happen to face such doom:

Tips to prevent a birth injury

A newborn can suffer severe birth injuries such as cerebral palsy and similar brain damages if an emergency cesarean section is not performed when required. In an emergency case, when the supply of oxygen gets cut, the child does not get enough oxygen to breathe. And as a consequence, they may accrue birth injuries. But there are ways to prevent such things.

Prevention is better than cure is a saying that we have heard since childhood. Though in some cases, birth injury is inevitable, practicing precautionary measures from the start can aid in warding off such birth injuries.

Here are a few things that you can practice before the delivery of the child to prevent any sort of birth injuries:

Know your doctor

When a mother finds out that she is pregnant, she gets a lot of advice from her friends and relatives regarding which doctor to consult. Such recommendations are indeed something to be paid heed to when it comes from other mothers who are already blessed with a healthy baby.

But apart from just being swayed by any random doctor, one needs to choose their obstetrician wisely. After all, it’s a matter of a child, and no one will ever want to get treated by a doctor who is not expertise in their field.

Hence, as the first resort, homework and research is a vital parameter. Once you have done it right; you can accordingly get connected with a doctor who promises to provide the best care and has a proven medical history.

This is the first step that you can take to prevent birth injury and have hopes of delivering a healthy baby.

Maintain regular communication with the doctor

In a normal delivery case, every expecting mother is advised to hit the doors of an obstetrician once a month in the initial period of pregnancy, followed by twice a month during the last few months of delivery.

Such regular patient-doctor communication can help track the baby and mother’s actual health and allow the mother to get her queries cleared in case anything concerns her during pregnancy.

Cramps, spotting, or any other associated problem, any such complexities, and cause of concerns can be addressed if taken care of well on time. Thus having open communication every month with your doctor can help prevent birth injuries.

Be informed about what takes place in the delivery room

Doctors do have some restrictions and have their own duties to execute during delivery, and cannot open out every single thing that goes inside. But the parents can ask for information about the condition and proceedings.

Labor pain, delivery, concerns, and similar such questions are allowed, and you can consider staying aware of all such things to know the actual condition of the mother and baby.

Avail prenatal care

Prenatal care is imperative to prevent birth injuries. On availing prenatal care, the doctors examine and detect any health risks associated that can affect the baby’s health. Further, they figure out any complications and risks during pregnancy and are accordingly prescribed medications, exercise, and diet that can lower the risks.

Hence, prenatal care should be essentially taken to be versed with all the mandatory information about the health of the baby, which further aids in preventing birth injuries.

What to do after you come to know that your child has a birth injury?

Knowing that your child has faced the wrath of birth injury can be highly distressing and may land down the parents in a devastating state. You might feel helpless and confused, due to which you may not have the slightest idea about how to proceed further in life.

But the fact is that birth injuries can be prevented and usually result due to the negligence of the medical fraternity. Here is a quick guide to help you understand what you need to do when you happen to find that your child has some kind of birth injury:

Seek treatment

First things first, seeking medical care for your baby on encountering that your baby has been injured during their birth is the first and foremost step that one should take. Some babies may suffer injuries that show up immediately after birth, such as cerebral palsy, paralysis, and shoulder dystocia. etc.

On the contrary, some injuries, such as muscle damage, nerve damage, etc., are not immediately evident after the birth. But whatever the case may be, if you find that your baby shows signs of birth injuries and is facing any kind of difficulty, make sure that you rush them into an emergency care unit at your earliest and seek medical assistance.

Assess the actual situation

Finding out that your baby has suffered a birth injury may cause the parents to panic. After all, babies are a blessing, and one places a lot of trust in their doctors who take up the baby’s delivery.

But knowing that your baby has faced such a life-changing threat due to the negligence of the doctors may make you go mad and clueless about what to do next. But staying calm, stipulating a clear picture, and assessing the whole situation to proceed further is the only way to move ahead with the legalities.

Get in touch with an attorney

Once you have assessed the situation and sought treatment and medical support, getting in touch with the birth injury lawyers is next on the list. A birth injury lawyer can help you gain a deeper understanding of the legal proceedings and rights you have and determine whether you can make a claim against the doctor for medical negligence.

Further, a birth injury attorney can also help protect your rights in concern with the birth injury and also aid in seeking compensation for the same.

Reasons why you should hire a birth injury attorney

If you doubt that your child has become a victim of birth injury due to medical malpractice and negligence of the doctor, then hiring a birth injury lawyer stands to be of paramount importance.

They can help you achieve settlement and claim compensation that can help you meet the financial expenses. 

There are numerous reasons for which you should hire a birth injury lawyer. Here we pen down a few of them:

Determine if you have a claim

Waiting for nine months and delivering a baby is a long process accompanied by complexities, pain, suffering, and mixed feelings. Then, finding out that your baby suffered a birth injury can be more of a state of despair and depression.

While mild injuries such as bruises and cuts can fade over time, serious birth injuries can be life-changing and usually result due to the doctors’ mistakes while performing the C-section.

Hence arises the need for filing compensation to meet the medical expenses that are associated with the injury. But do you actually have a claim? Can you sue the doctor for the same? Your lawyer can help you answer these questions right.

A birth injury lawyer can help investigate such a situation and determine if the incident occurred due to negligence and malpractice that makes you eligible to make a claim in the first place.

For a social cause

Prenatal care and delivering the child while leaving no room for mistakes are undoubtedly complicated and require years of training and expertise. Though pregnancy comes with some risks and complexities, there are indeed ways to manage and prevent them if it is taken care of by an expert doctor who administers his/her patient’s health closely.

But in many cases, you will find that a few doctors simply boast of having experience. And, even if they are experienced, they tend to overlook the seriousness and do not fledge the expecting mother with all the essential care and medical assistance needed.

Owing to such negligence, there are cases in which the parents have to face the shock of their life by delivering a baby with a birth injury which could have been prevented just in case the doctor practiced proper standards.

Hence, when parents have to suffer a loss due to lower standards of care and negligence, it is essential to hire a lawyer from the Serious Injury Law Group who can escalate the matter and hold the doctor accountable for the same.

This way, one completes his/her social responsibility of saving the lives of those babies who would have been delivered by such doctors in the future who tend to raise potential harm to babies and their parents.

Such legal cases stand out as a lesson for such doctors who act sly and irresponsible and also as a learning lesson for other doctors who tend to do the same. Also, as an act of staying alert, such doctors would enforce proper delivery standards and prevent future mishaps.

Help you get compensation

To claim compensation, it is imperative to determine the damages caused at the first point. Though this may sound elementary, this is a nuanced and lengthy process that involves chalking out an estimated sum that should be charged for the damages accrued.

Therefore, getting in touch with a birth injury lawyer helps the heartbroken parents gain compensation to reduce the financial crunch that one may encounter to treat a baby born with birth injuries.

They can understand the suffering and pains of such parents and can stipulate a detailed list of expenditures that might stem up in the future for treatment and care purposes.

Ranging from the medical costs to loss of salary due to absence from work, potential counseling expenditures, therapy expenses, and similar such factors, they do the aftermath of all such possible expenses to calculate a comprehensive list.

And, this can surely not be done by a layman as it requires expertise and vast knowledge in this field and can thus only be shouldered by lawyers who have handled such cases before.

Protection of your child’s right

Getting to know that your newborn is born with birth injuries can cause an emotional breakdown and may hamper your peace of mind. In such a state, you might not be in a mood to deal with doctors and other legal formalities.

But hiring a lawyer for your case will not only help you gain compensation for your child but will also allow you some mental peace in such a time of panic and suffering. You can take care of your baby and solely focus on their wellbeing while the white and black unformed people fight for your rights to get you compensation for the incurred loss.


Delivering a healthy baby and living the moment is like a dream come true for every parent. Regardless of all the pains and discomfort, every would-be parent eagerly waits for the day when they get to see their babies for the first time.

But not all parents get such a moment to cherish. Some have to hear the shocking news of their child falling prey to birth injury owing to medical mistakes.

Birth injuries can be reversed and prevented if the expecting mother is treated with proper care and expertise. Also, though minor injuries can be treated and resolved with the passage of time, major birth injuries can be life-threatening.

We hope this guide proves to be helpful for you to clear your doubts and acquaints you with the steps you need to take if fate hits your doorsteps in the form of birth injury to your child.

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