A New Orleans woman brings candy to Texas

AUSTIN, Texas: Sharon Richardson’s office is not full of computers and printers.

“I don’t like working in American companies,” Richardson said.

What he likes is cooking. Richardson turned his passion into a really sweet business.

“We used raw sugar, butter, a little vanilla and a pinch of salt.”

Richardson is talking about Christen’s gourmet pralines. Christen is her daughter’s name. The recipe was passed down, unwritten, from generation to generation.

“It was a bit of this or a bit of it. And that’s how you learned to cook. That’s how I learned to cook,” Richardson said.

She and her husband Austin lived in New Orleans. A force of nature more than 15 years ago changed everything.

“I almost never had to evacuate because of a hurricane. That was different and we knew it was different,” Richardson said.

The couple made the difficult decision to move to Texas after Hurricane Katrina. They settled near Austin.

“We had to figure out something to do. I was born in New Orleans. I grew up in New Orleans. I knew how to cook. And I knew how to make pralines. It’s your birthright,” Richardson said.

Christen’s Gourmet Pralines was born. That’s “prah-leen” not “pray-leen”.

“When I moved to Texas after Katrina people said,‘ Pray-read ’and I called my mom and I told her and she said,‘ That’s crazy. I wouldn’t even buy it from someone who said pray-leen, ”Richardson said.

She says the only thing about Christen’s Gourmet Pralines is the mix of ingredients. It’s nothing fancy. The recipe is not even written. It comes from the heart and is passed down from generation to generation.

A New Orleans woman brings candy to Texas

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