A Mu variant in Houston, doctors say doctors should focus on Delta

Although the World Health Organization calls this a “mutant of interest,” experts say that the focus should still be on delta mutants and vaccination.

Houston — Health experts in Houston say they are paying attention to the Mu variant of COVID-19.

Houston Methodist doctors say more than 40 people are already infected with the Mu variant here in Houston, but Delta is still the most worrying thing about us, they say.

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Data show that highly contagious delta mutants account for 99% of new COVID-19 cases in Houston.

Over the weekend, the World Health Organization issued a warning about the Mu variant responsible for the outbreaks in Colombia and Central America.

Check this map to see the number of COVID cases in your area.

Dr. Wesley Long, Houston Methodist, said:

The Houston Methodist analyzes the genetic makeup of all positive COVID tests performed throughout the system, not just hospitalization. Dr. Long states that he has diagnosed more than 40 Mu variants in the last few months.

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Dr. Long said in Houston that while it has been considered a variant of interest, Delta remains clearly dominant and is responsible for thousands of cases in the same time frame.

“Just because something is worrisome on a plate in the lab doesn’t mean it’s more worrisome about people,” he said.

While health professionals are monitoring Mu, Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine says he must deal with Delta first.

“I think the important thing is vaccination to get out of the delta,” he said. “The problem is that the bar is really high. I think 90% of the US population needs to be vaccinated. To do that, we may need to get three mRNA vaccines. Hmm.”

In Harris County, about 60 percent of the eligible population rolled up their sleeves for the first two doses.

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A Mu variant in Houston, doctors say doctors should focus on Delta

Source link A Mu variant in Houston, doctors say doctors should focus on Delta

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