A million dollar bash for Bob Dylan when Universal buys his backpage

December 7, 2020

Angus Max One

London (Reuters) – Universal Music Group’s publishing division has over 600 Bob Dylan back catalogs, from towering classical music such as 1965’s Like A Rolling Stone to this year’s 17-minute epic Murder Most Foul. I bought it.

“This deal is the most important music publishing agreement of the century and one of the most important to date,” UMG said in a press release.

The UMG didn’t say anything about the value of the deal, but it’s likely that it has inflated millions of dollars in the financial resources of a man who once wrote, “I don’t talk, I swear.” The Financial Times said it could be nine numbers.

A Universal spokesperson told Reuters, “I can’t discuss certain terms and conditions, but he had the right in essence.”

Introduced in the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960s and becoming one of the most acclaimed and influential artists of the rock era, Dylan has grown tremendously at the age of 79.

His latest album, Rough & Lowdyways, released this year, was an important and commercial success. Rolling Stone said in its review:

The first Nobel Prize-winning songwriter, he dated about 100 times a year on the “Never Ending Tour” until the coronavirus pandemic forced him to cancel his schedule. In recent years, he has also created his own whiskey named “Heaven’s Door”, named after one of his most famous songs.

Copyrights for songs that span his 60-year career include anthems such as “Blowin’in the Wind,” “The Times They Are Changing,” “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Make You Feel My Love.” This was a huge hit for Adele and won the Oscar for “The Times They Are Changing”.

UMG Chairman Lucian Grainju said Dylan “surprised a unique set of works, including some of the greatest and most popular songs ever known in the world.”

“Brilliant, inspiring, inspiring, beautiful, insightful and provocative, his songs, whether written more than half a century ago or yesterday, are timeless.” Said Grainge at a press conference. “It’s no exaggeration to say that his vast work has won the love and admiration of billions of people around the world.”

His songs have been recorded more than 6,000 times by hundreds of artists and have sold over 125 million records worldwide.

(Additional report by Ayanti Bera in Bangalore; edited by Andrew Heavens)

A million dollar bash for Bob Dylan when Universal buys his backpage

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