A man suspected in a mass shooting in Buffalo is now facing federal charges

The attorney general will pay his respects at Tops on Jefferson Avenue before meeting with family members and survivors.

BUFFALO, NY – The U.S. Attorney’s Office has filed federal charges against an 18-year-old man accused of killing 10 blacks and injuring three others in a May 14 shooting at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue.

Payton Gendron is charged “10 fatal hate crimes, three hate crimes involving bodily harm and attempted murder, 10 hate crimes and the use of firearms to commit murder, and three use and discharge fire crimes and related harassment. “


Gendron, from Conklin, New York, is accused of targeting blacks at a grocery store and posted the video live on the Internet. The criminal complaint states that the reason for Gendron’s mass shooting was “to To prevent black people from replacing white people and to eliminate the white race, and to encourage others to make similar attacks.. “

Attorney General Merrick Garland will be in Buffalo on Wednesday morning to visit the site of the mass shootings in Tops and discuss the charges.

The United States Attorney Trini Ross, who represents New York’s Western District, also joined Garland. Together, they paid their respects at the Jefferson Avenue store.

Attorney General Garland and U.S. Attorney Ross are expected to meet with survivors and family members of the victims of the May 14 shooting.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General and the US Prosecutor will hold a press conference later. It is scheduled to take place at 11:45 at the Apollo Theater on Jefferson Avenue.

Garland’s visit to Buffalo takes place a month and a day after the shooting.

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The suspect, Gendron, is also facing 25 state charges, including 10 first-degree murders, 10 second-degree murders for hate crimes, and domestic violence charges, among others.

The accused pleaded not guilty to all charges against the state. He is being held hostage.

You can read the full federal criminal complaint here:

A man suspected in a mass shooting in Buffalo is now facing federal charges

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