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A Texas lawyer says he found a tracking device on a pickup truck during an intensifying court battle with businessmen at the heart of the FBI’s investigation into Attorney General Ken Paxton.

In a court filed Monday, Steve Lemon admitted that he did not provide evidence of how the tracker got on the truck and did not know who put it there. But he said his case with Nate Paul “seems to be clearly linked to surveillance,” and that trackers were also discovered by others who real estate developers consider to be “enemy of business.” Stated.

Putting a tracker in someone else’s car in Texas is generally a crime for anyone but law enforcement. The origins of the devices are unknown, but their findings add a spy conspiracy to the plots around the perplexed developers Paxton and Paul, who are allegedly accused of breaking the law for support. ..

Those familiar with the matter said the FBI is investigating the origin of the tracking device. The investigation was underway, so I spoke on condition of anonymity. The FBI declined to comment.

Paul’s lawyer, Michael Wynne, called for a suggestion that his client had a “shocking” relationship with the device. In last year’s oath testimony, he disagreed and told Paul that he did not need to answer many questions, including questions about trackers.

“There is no reason to believe Paul has anything to do with that, and you would expect Lemon to have soundproofing before making that kind of inflammatory claim,” Win said in the Associated Press. Told to.

Lemon, who declined to comment, said in a court filing that the FBI had “management” of the device found on his truck. He didn’t name the other people he said he found the tracker.

Paul has been under FBI investigation since at least 2019. Last year he launched a counterclaim campaign against agents, federal judges, and others, including Lemon’s clients. Paxton hired an outside lawyer to investigate these allegations in September, urging eight of his top agents to report him to the FBI, and the FBI began investigating top Texas lawyers. ..

Paxton widely denies cheating. His lawyer, Philip Hilder, declined to comment when asked about the tracking device on Monday.

Keith Byers, a Houston-region lawyer who previously oversaw the FBI’s corruption case, said it was unusual for street gangs and drug cartels to illegally install trackers in the United States.

“Anyone who relies on installing illegal tracking devices on enemy vehicles is motivated, desperate, unstable, or completely unaware of the consequences,” Buyers said.

Paul, who employs a woman Paxton allegedly negotiated outside the marriage, is facing lawsuits from creditors and dissatisfied business partners across the country.

Among his legal challenges is a long-term proceeding from Austin’s nonprofit organization, which has a financial interest in Paul’s business. Lemmon represents a court-appointed supervisor of several Paul companies and has played a key role in controversial proceedings.

Lemmon is Roy F. And Joann Cole Mitte Foundation’s proceedings revealed the discovery of the tracking device in a quarterly report filed by the supervisor.

Last summer, Paxton’s office intervened in the case, and the move made by some of his agents in a whistleblower case was improperly aimed at forcing Paul to a resolution in his favor. A few weeks later, Paxton hired a lawyer on the side of the defendant in Houston, and Paul’s unsubstantiated claim that Lemon’s client and Foundation lawyer were part of an elaborate plot to steal $ 200 million worth of Paul’s property. investigated.

Lemon dismissed Paul’s claim as “ridiculous.” Paxton, a lawyer hired to investigate the developer’s allegations, graduated from law school in 2015 with no prosecution experience and no connection to Paul’s lawyer.

Paxton withdrew the investigation in October after allegations of bribery and abuse of authority against him were announced. Six days later, according to Lemon, the mechanic found a tracking device during regular maintenance of the truck.

Lemon said the FBI still had a tracker, and investigators demanded to meet him, his clients, and his legal partners the week after they found it. At the meeting, Lemon said he learned that Paul had asked Paxton to investigate the developer’s plot allegations.

Two weeks later, Lemon asked Paul about tracking the device under the oath. According to deposit records obtained by AP, he asked a series of questions as to whether Paul had placed a tracker in the vehicle of the person involved in the proceedings with him.

Mr. Win said the question was not only “harassment and insult”, but was unrelated to the case. He said he didn’t have to answer Paul.

A lawyer detained by the Texas Attorney General discovers a tracking device on a truck – NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth

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