A jury in Bexar County found guilty of shooting and killing his wife

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A jury on Wednesday admitted that Louis Benevento was found guilty of murder. The penalties phase of his trial began Wednesday afternoon. He may face life imprisonment.


The jury began deliberations in the Louis Benevento murder trial after Benevento discussed what had happened the night his wife Alicia Wills was murdered.

On May 22, 2019, Benevent said Wills had returned home from work and was very angry with something.

“She was furious and continued to be more aggressive,” Benevento said.

He went on to say that she hit his head with a metal cup, hit him, started pulling hair from his chest, and even bit him.

At some point, Benevento said Wills called his mother and she was a little calm but could hear the sound outside.

“She broke my plane and started throwing it on the street,” Benevento said of the moment his model plane was being destroyed by Wills.


The jury was shown a photo of a bite in Benevento’s hand and a photo of a model airplane part on the street outside the couple’s house.

Benevento said that when Wills drove the car, he tried to clear up the turmoil, and when she came back, he said he wanted to leave her.

He remembered at some point she went in and slept to read a book. Later that night, he said she woke him up and pointed his gun, and she said she was going to shoot him.

When he tried to move the gun away from her, it disappeared and the bullet went through the ceiling.

Benevent then went to pack his stuff for him to leave and said Wills had gone out. When he left, he said she couldn’t see outside until she pointed his gun at him and jumped out of the back of her car, and that was when he fired at her.

The prosecution said during the cross-examination that some of the statements issued to police on the night of the incident differed from what they said at the stand on Wednesday. The prosecution also said the neighbor’s surveillance video was inconsistent with Benevent’s testimony.


Benevento said he had a stroke shortly after the incident and couldn’t remember exactly what happened, but all he testified was true and afraid of his life.

Benevent admitted that he did not provide assistance after shooting Wills.

During closing arguments, the state replayed the 911 call that Wills made when he was shot in silence at 7 minutes and 45 seconds following the shooting.

Prosecutors said the versions of the Benevent event were not totaled.

If convicted, Benevent faces 5 to 99 years or life imprisonment.


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A jury in Bexar County found guilty of shooting and killing his wife

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