$ 9.8 Million Study Follows Latino Cancer Survivors

Austin, Texas — Amanda Ramirez knows that there is one word taboo in the Latin community — cancer.

“Cancer is a bad word. I don’t think the Latin community likes to be checked often. Sometimes they don’t know where they can be tested,” Ramirez said.

Amanda Ramirez is not a professional boxer, but she is a fighter and proved when she defeated leukemia in 2016. She admits sweet science for staying healthy in her post-victory life.

“Without that, I wouldn’t be in good shape, eat and take care of myself. I think that’s one of the biggest things,” said Amanda Ramirez. “Not only the time you have cancer, but life after cancer is a big, big thing that we all need to know.”

Dr. Amelie Ramirez, a researcher at UT Health San Antonio, will help tackle post-cancer life through a $ 9.8 million study.

“We want to intervene in cancer survivors and help them improve their quality of life after being diagnosed,” said Dr. Amelie Ramirez. “And get treatment for cancer, and then ensure that they live as healthy a life as possible and reduce the potential incidence of cancer.”

Dr. Amelie Ramirez said the study will focus on discrimination, depression, chronic stress, diet, biological markers, genetics, and other things that affect Latin survivors.

“We also have biological measures, so we visit twice in the first year and then follow up every year to see what they are doing,” said Dr. Amalie Ramirez.

To achieve this, they will recruit 3,000 Latin breast, colorectal, kidney, lung, prostate, stomach and cervical cancer survivors in San Antonio and Miami. is.

Leukemia isn’t on the list, but Amanda is excited to spend millions of dollars on saving the lives of other Latino cancer survivors.

“I think it’s about time. I think Latin Americans have been overlooked in getting the right kind of medical care and eating the right food,” said Amanda Ramirez. “I’ll show you how to make what we have better.”

The 1,500 Latino Americans selected in San Antonio will receive adequate medical care through this survey. People with leukemia can get help through Mandy’s Fight, Amanda’s non-profit organization.

$ 9.8 Million Study Follows Latino Cancer Survivors

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