7 Cool Things to Do for Texans Abroad

Are you a Texan living abroad? What do you miss about your state? Even if you’re abroad, there’s plenty to do that makes you feel at home.

Texas is huge, and there is a lot to do for people here. The same applies to Texans who live abroad – there are many things to see and do in Texas for people living out of the country! This article explains seven cool things to do for Texans living abroad and some fun activities to take your family.

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Take a selfie with something Texas-themed.

Imagine this. You are:

  • A Texas ex-pat.
  • Living in the middle of Europe.
  • Being incredibly bored.
  • Missing Texas.

But here’s where the self-deprecating, sarcastic humor kicks in. What do you do? You realize what you have under your nose, the reason you are here. You take a picture of Dutch cows to remind you about your state.

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Hang out at a museum featuring Texas art or artifacts.

Many cities have museums featuring Texas art, artifacts, and history. If you’re studying engineering, try the Texas Engineering Extension Service. If you’re working in Austin, try the Austin History Center.

Look up the local branch of your favorite Texas-based chain store or restaurant.

For a Texan living abroad, the distance can sometimes feel so great. It’s hard to feel connected to home when you aren’t there. One of the best ways to practice your Texas pride is visiting local places to eat, drink, and learn that put on a show for the Lone Star state.

Host a Texas-themed night at your home with your friends.

As a Texan living abroad, I always look for any opportunity to hold a Texas-themed get-together. These parties are so much fun since they give you a chance to combine your love of your home state with the excitement of expatriation. Even if you’re not a native of Texas, partaking in this kind of event can show your friends that you are proud of your roots!

Find some like-minded Texans and hang out with them.

If you’re a Texan abroad, you might be feeling that Texas-sized hole in your life. Luckily, you can create a sort of Texas oasis right there in your city. All it takes is finding a few other Texans and making a group on Facebook or Meetup to organize hanging out with them regularly. As you socialize with them, you will feel more at home even if you’re outside the country.

Visit the Alamo in San Antonio while in the Lone Star State

While you’re in Texas, check out the Alamo. Everyone knows about this historical landmark, but it might not be on your list of things to do while you’re in the Lone Star State. You will find the Alamo in downtown San Antonio filled with history. This is an exciting activity that reduces homesickness.

Bottom line

If you’re a Texan who happens to be abroad, then let this list be your guide to fun and exciting things to do. If you’re not a Texan, but you find yourself in the Lone Star State, well then, don’t be afraid to ask a native for advice or tips on what to do. They’ll be happy to show you the right direction.

The life of Texans living abroad doesn’t have to be boring; you can explore more fun activities outside your country band and add them to your bucket list.


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