$ 685 Million Jackpot on Monday Night: Powerball Lottery Time

Monday’s Powerball Jackpot rose to record levels, making it the eighth-largest prize in US lottery history.

Washington — After 40 draws with no Powerball winners, the 41st attempt on Monday night may be different.

Thanks to almost four months of waste, Powerball’s jackpot has reached an estimated $ 685 million, making it the eighth largest in US lottery history and the sixth largest in Powerball’s jackpot. No one has won the game grand prize since June 5th.

The estimated jackpot on Monday was initially set at $ 670 million, but has since increased to $ 685 million. The lottery will take place at 10:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

All draws set a record, surpassing the previous marks of the 36 draws that ended in January 2021. The longer the game lasts without a grand prize winner, the higher the payment.

The jackpot drought is by design, as the game’s long odds of 292.2 million to 1 are aimed at generating large prizes that attract more players.

Lottery officials will soon find that many people, including 2.8 million players, have won smaller prizes in the Saturday draw alone, even if no one has won the jackpot. Their prizes ranged from $ 1 million to $ 4.

The $ 685 million promoted prize will be awarded to the winner who chooses a pension option paid for over 29 years. Almost every big winner chooses a cash option. This is an estimated $ 485.5 million in the Monday night draw. Both prize options are taxable.

Powerball is played in Washington, DC, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, in addition to 45 states.

In August, Powerball moved to three draws a week to make bigger prizes and boost sales.

The change began on Monday, August 23, and is the first time the game has expanded beyond a two-week draw since it was launched 29 years ago.

$ 685 Million Jackpot on Monday Night: Powerball Lottery Time

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