50 Best Books of 21st Century Literary Journalism

Over the last few decades, I’ve felt that the best books published, the most fascinating, richest-rendered, and most likely to last, are works of literary journalism. You know the book we mean: a book built on robust reports and inventible characters.A book featuring drastic plots and movie scenes (but NS); A book drawn in the eyes of a novelist about the details and the case (but Genuine); A book that tells the story of how we succeeded in fixing us in place and brightening our brains, despite the fact that almost every pace in our lives is getting faster. For the best books of this kind, writers slow down, look closer, and organize diffusion and chaos into definitive stories that help us better understand the present and recent times. .. These stories prepare our world, inspire and endure art (movies, television). This is why many of our most talented journalists rely on us to do their best work.

Some of the best and most notable works of this kind from the last century — like John Hersey’s HiroshimaTom Wolfe’s The right oneJanet Malcolm’s Journalists and murderersJames Baldwin’s Next fireSusan Orian Orchid thief; Truman Capote Ruthlessly, Et cetera — Standard at this point. However, I thought that works released after 2000 might be useful as the latest update. In our quest to create a great book of 21st century literary journalism, we visited dozens of American journalists who do this kind of reporting and writing at the highest level.Some of the things we asked were the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Awards, the National Book Award winners, and many. GQ Contributor. I wanted to know which books were their favorite, the most envy, the most exciting, or the most obvious fun. As Lawrence Wright The Looming Tower Helps to offer his nominations (among other works that fit well into this genre). Most of my reading is always devoted to research, so not much anyway. But on the way, I ate snacks and occasionally ate. “

We asked the writer to stay away from straight biographies, memoirs, history, and criticism (although some of the best books on this list include: E: All of the above).At times, it broke its own rules to accommodate overwhelming favorites, making it a bit heavier in the direction of the subject. GQ Despite the fact that many authors have nominated multiple books, we have decided to limit the list to one book per author. And we finally excluded the essay collection. Each book here uncovers and unleashes the story of one place, event, subject, or set of people. You may have a problem with your order (it’s pretty subjective), but the book here doesn’t belong. Think of this as a heatmap for the most frequently and passionately cited types of books. The 50 most enjoyable, most admired and most awe-inspiring. read.

1. Beautiful eternal backside

Catherine Boo, 2012

50 Best Books of 21st Century Literary Journalism

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