5 things you need to know on Monday

Homes ready to move infrastructure bills forward

The House of Representatives is expected to begin discussions on Monday on a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill aimed at modernizing the country’s deteriorating transportation and public works systems. Moderate Democrats agree with Chairman Nancy Pelosi to bring infrastructure packages to vote to avoid getting caught up in a $ 3.5 trillion bill to fund President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda Won. However, some progressives oppose voting for infrastructure unless it works in parallel with the $ 3.5 trillion package. Both factions can prevent the approval of the other priority unless some Republicans join the Democrats in the approval of the infrastructure. The Senate approved the bill with 69-30 bipartisan votes, so House approval will send the bill to Biden.

The answer sought in the deadly Montana train derailment

Amtrak and federal officials continue to investigate the derailment of trains in Montana, killing at least three people and the rural community struggling to provide food and shelter for dozens of stunned survivors. doing. The Empire Builder train to Seattle derailed 141 passengers and 17 crew members on Saturday afternoon near Joplin, a town of less than 200 people, just a few miles from the Canadian border. An Amtrak spokesman said eight out of ten cars on the train had fallen off the railroad tracks. The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team to investigate on-site conflicts. According to NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss, the 14-member team includes railroad signal investigators and experts.

Will Hurricane Sam Affect the United States?

Hurricane Sam struck the Atlantic Basin west on Monday. This is a powerful Category 4 storm that forecasters wanted to be far enough away from land to avoid heavy damage from winds and heavy rains at 150 mph. A forecaster at AccuWeather said the road just west through the northern islands of the Caribbean was unlikely. According to AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno, Sam moves away from the United States when the jet stream drops. “But if that jet stream dip is set further west or meanders west, there’s room for Sam to get very close to the United States next weekend,” Reino said. That scenario helped lead Superstorm Sundi west to New Jersey nine years ago. Sundi has been accused of killing about 300 people and causing damage of about $ 70 billion in multiple countries.

The search for Brian Laundry will continue.Funeral was held for Gabby Petit

Authorities continue to look for Gabby Petit’s fiancĂ©, Brian Laundry, on Monday. Less than 24 hours after the funeral was held in New York, bloggers who died on a cross-country adventure attracted a lot of attention nationwide. The 23-year-old laundromat was last seen on September 14 when I told my parents that I was going hiking in the Carlton Reserve, a vast wilderness area near my home in Northport, Florida. The search in the 24,000-acre park in Sarasota County took place after the FBI issued a federal arrest warrant on Thursday for the incident that occurred after Petit’s death. Television personality Duein Lee Chapman, “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” has joined the search and promised to catch Laundry before his 24th birthday on November 18.

NFL Adds Monday Night Playoffs Game

The NFL has made the “Super Wildcard Weekend” super-large. The league announced on Friday that a wild card game will be played on Monday night at the opening round of the playoffs. Before the match on Monday night, there will be two matches on Saturday and three matches on Sunday. Last season, the NFL expanded the playoffs from 12 to 14 and added two more wildcard teams. The top teams in each meeting say goodbye, and the remaining division champions are seeded second, third and fourth, hosting the next three teams in each meeting.

5 things you need to know on Monday

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