5 Reasons You Should Not Skimp on a Magento Website Audit

The system is not very common in Russia, there are few serious implementations in domestic e-commerce, and there are almost no competent developers either, but in the world of CMS it now occupies a leading position. Magento website audit.

Offers a good architectural framework for optimization and scaling, as well as a predictable architecture that makes the work of the IT team transparent to the business.

Magento is an extremely powerful e-commerce platform and at the same time a fairly comprehensive environment that requires a professional approach to development. Otherwise, your online store may face a number of issues that affect the speed, stability, security and other key aspects of the site.

These issues, if left unaddressed, will ultimately affect the quality of your interaction with the site and lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversions, and inevitably lower sales.

In addition, numerous technical problems make the development process longer, more complex and, as a result, more expensive. Today, when user expectations are higher than ever, delays in the implementation of new features can have an extremely negative impact on sales, as customers will go to competitors with more convenient and modern sites.

The best way to find the cause of problems with the site is to conduct a code audit. During such an audit, professional developers will find critical flaws in the site code and provide practical recommendations for their elimination.

So how do you determine if your site needs audit code on Magento?

Slow operation of the site

Poor quality code almost always leads to problems with the speed of the site. This is manifested in the long loading of pages (for example, catalog, product pages, checkout), which has an extremely negative effect on conversion rates, because no one wants to wait long for the page to load. This is especially true for mobile users. The low speed of the site also affects SEO, because Google omits slow sites in search results.

Poor optimization can lead to numerous 504 errors that occur during heavy traffic. You can run a great marketing campaign that will bring thousands of potential buyers to your site, but all the effort and money will be wasted, because the site will not be able to cope with the influx of new visitors.

Internal errors

The site can have a large number of different problems invisible to the user, which, however, negatively affect the stability of work, as well as increase the cost of development and maintenance of the site. Here are some of them:

– High server load even with low traffic.

– Unstable or slow operation of export / import processes.

– Integration errors.

– Filled Magento or server error logs.

– The implementation of new functions leads to an increase in regressions.

– Having problems of this nature, you can not be sure that the implementation. of new features will be correct and that it will not affect the already existing functionality.

Remove duplicates and irrelevant pages

A small change can have a significant effect. During the holiday season, you would create many landing pages, product pages, and other items, but if you don’t need them now, it’s vital to delete them.

Growing or texting web pages go smoothly. Do not use the same articles everywhere. Find and delete pages.


Before implementing any of these actions in magento maintenance services by Elogic, think about contacting our accredited and interested Magento developers to help you develop a plan for how you can expand your Magento e-commerce store in 2018/2019.



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