5 Reasons a Man Should Wear a Statement Timepiece

Many modern men believe that wristwatches are becoming out of vogue in the world today.

They wonder why any modern man would spend time and money acquiring and wearing a wristwatch in a world where you can simply check the time with a smartphone. Why would any man today want to wear one?

Well, I’m happy you asked! Here, we go into 5 key reasons why every modern man should wear a high-quality wristwatch, and why – despite the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone – the statement timepiece remains the single most advantageous way to tell the time.

  1. Functionality

The origin of the wristwatch can be traced back to the late 1800s, where wristwatches were used in the military to sync various strategies and actions in warfare. Their usage carried on to the modern day in a wide variety of settings.

Given its military origins, it’s not surprising that wristwatches came with a robust functionality. This fueled its usage far beyond the military. One example is its long-term power: many are powered via small batteries and/or via motion. The small batteries are cheap and have a long lifespan. This adds up to low-cost, long periods of usage without having to change a battery. In the case of the motion-powered watches, you’ll never need to change them!

The typical smartphone has a battery life that maxes out at just 8 hours. Compare that to the long life of a typical wristwatch. Then consider the fact that you use your smartphone for a wide variety of actions throughout the day that will undoubtedly drain down your battery.

With this in mind, it’s an absolute no-brainer that the wristwatch is superior in overall functionality to a smartphone for the function of telling you the time.

  1. Convenience

Wristwatches keep you on time in a way a cellphone simply cannot. With a phone, you must pull it out and press a series of buttons to get the time on the phone screen. With a wristwatch, you simply bring you wrist up towards your eyes. Same result, fewer motions.

It’s common for the modern man to think they don’t need a wristwatch because they have a phone. The truth is that these are often the same people worrying about the modern effects of chronic phone usage.

Think about this: do you want to be whipping out a phone to check the time during a date or a work event? Or would you rather check a sharp-looking wristwatch?

It’s far more social to check a watch for time, as pulling out a phone during such events can seem rude and antisocial. This is also the case during many other events, such as weddings or social functions.

It’s so much easier and cooler to get your time from a cool-looking wristwatch!


When you’re looking for a quality wristwatch, you’re generally not going to look for the one with the fanciest technology.

The best-quality wristwatches have special mechanical inner-workings that predate it.

While your smartphone relies on its battery (which drains and runs out fast), your wristwatch will feature low-tech workings that give it many demonstrable advantages.

When you rely on your watch to tell the time, you’ll end up wasting less time on your phone. This means less time checking texts, Twitter, and various other social media platforms. This is another way that a simple watch design gives you huge advantages in other realms of your daily life.

  1. Style & Status

For the typical man, there aren’t many jewelry accessories that can be universally worn for status and style.

Usually there are only 3 accessories that can be worn on the wrists and hands: a wedding ring, stylish cuff links, and a wristwatch. A stylish wristwatch can easily be the best-looking and most visually appealing of these three things.

Wristwatches can give a man a particular flair that can’t be gained from cuffs or rings. Think James Bond at his absolute snazziest: that’s the kind of flair a statement timepiece gives a man. It gives a vibe of adventure, excitement, and danger.

In the same vein, the right wristwatch conveys status, masculinity, and power, and makes one more attractive in multiple ways. 

  1. They Keep You on TIME!

Your wristwatch helps your time management by keeping you focused on time in the moment. It keeps you focused on the fact that your time each day is limited and therefore important.

When you’re wearing a quality wristwatch, you are constantly reminded of this. It does so in a much stronger way than having a phone in your pocket, as the time-measuring object is on your wrist at all times and thus always within your line of sight. It keeps you more focused and attentive on this fact.

And far beyond all these mechanical and technical advantages, there’s a thriving community of watch-loving men who love collecting, analyzing, discussing, and deep-diving into wristwatches of all types. It’s far cheaper and more manageable than many other hobbies.

A statement timepiece is an attainable goal for every man. It has so many day-to-day advantages both in practical terms and as a style item. A great place to start looking for a statement timepiece would be Invicta watches. A perfect balance of style and elegance, these watches have everything you need to manage your time better and look good while doing it.

When you buy your first wristwatch, you’re in for a treat! Not only will you get all these great advantages, but you’ll be joining a community of passionate men who share your passion and excitement! You’ll find Invicta watches and more at; an online shopping website focused on deals. So, if you are ready to get your statement timepiece – it’s time to get an Invicta watch!

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