5 Most Unique Coffee and Espresso Shops in Texas

Are you a Lone Star coffee fanatic? There are plenty of places for you to pick your poison. The choices on our present list feature all top of the line commercial-grade coffee equipment. From top to bottom, if you’re looking for quality, you’ll find it here. These are our top 5 coffee shop choices in Texas.

1. Giant Leap Coffee in Houston

The shop known as Giant Leap Coffee is slowly but surely turning into a true landmark in the city of Houston. It’s a venue that has seen giant strides in the way that coffee is brewed, packaged for the needs of the public, and enjoyed by them. While its name is a nod to NASA, it’s no secret that great progress is made here as well.

You should be fully aware that there is more going on behind the scenes than may at first meet the eye. The owners of Giant Leap Coffee get their brew directly from a local source known as Amaya Roasting. The formula made use of is fully organic, all natural, and free of any kind of artificial colors or flavors.

This commitment to quality is what marks this out as one of the foremost coffee cafes in the city. It’s the kind of place that is being sourced by more than one global expert as a true beacon of coffee quality west of the Pecos. When you also add in their snack menu, it’s a place you’ve got to see at least once.

2. Common Grounds in Waco

For many people, live music and state of the art fresh brewed coffee truly do go hand in hand. If you are tired of the usual beer and blues combo, why not check out the Common Grounds cafe in the city of Waco? It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself while sipping on a delicious mocha latte or espresso. You can also get a sweet taste of the local music scene.

Common Grounds can be found on the edge of Baylor Uni at the end of Highway 1-35. This makes it an excellent place to hang out with the crowd while taking in all that the local scene has to offer. With a diverse menu and some of the nation’s finest local coffee and music, this is a place to visit more than once.

3. Better Half Coffee and Cocktails in Austin

Do you feel like getting a mixed drink? Would you rather just sit back and enjoy a tall glass of latte, espresso, or even plain old coffee? If you can’t decide but want to take your time doing so, there’s a place in Austin to be. You need to check out the new fine dining, coffee, and cocktail haven known as Better Half Coffee and Cocktails.

5 Most Unique Coffee and Espresso Shops in Texas

When you do, you can prepare to be pleasantly surprised. There are no well intended but halfhearted compromises to be found here. Instead, what you’ll see is a very well thought out and executed menu. Your choices will consist of some of the best espresso, coffee, and cocktails to be found in the Lone Star State.

4. Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas

There are actually a few Houndstooth Coffee locations to check out in the city of Dallas. No matter which one you choose, you’re in for a treat. The location in the Sylvan Thirty area has a secret “speakeasy” bar named Jettison that will give you an even bigger thrill.

But if you are serious about your love of coffee, you can easily settle for any of the three locations. Houndstooth Coffee is a venue that was founded by folks who are always happy to give customers the lowdown about the recipes they use. If you want to learn more about coffee than grinding it, you should come here.

5. Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company in Austin

There are plenty of top level coffee venues to be found in the city of Austin. But one of the undoubted heavyweights is a place called the Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company. This is a place where you can easily find a cost effective menu of coffees that come from all different parts of the world from Brazil to Ethiopia.

5 Most Unique Coffee and Espresso Shops in Texas

You should also note that the founders of the Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Company are very serious about the charities that they choose to support. In fact, a small portion of the proceeds from every sale made at the venue will go to one of their choices. This is a good experience for you to enjoy and share.

Deep in the Coffee Heart of Texas

There are so many shades and flavors of coffee, espresso, and latte to choose from that it’s almost hard to pick a favorite. But if you live in the Lone Star State, you won’t have this issue. Just pick a new flavor to sample every day and you’ll be occupied for ages. The state of Texas is prime ground for java lovers.

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