5 best mobile apps for couples

Being in a committed relationship is difficult as it is. Sometimes you forget about the important date and miss the anniversary. At other times, a partner might be too busy to call their better half causing annoyance.

“If only someone could remind me of doing better as a girlfriend or a boyfriend!” Wait, these apps do exist! There are programs developed to make your relationship better. Together with Ukrainian brides online, we managed to collect some of the best mobile programs to make you the most productive couple in the world:


As you know, some of the most quarrels happen one member of the couple finishes a Netflix series they were supposed to watch together. Even if you are not in the same house, Watch2Gether lets you and your partner watch the show at the same time. This app is great for a long-distance relationship where both of you can join each other on Skype and Discord while playing a movie.

How does it work? You create a room and invite your partner through a shared link. Afterward, you can watch the same video at the same time. If the video stops on one device, the other partner also has some time to chill out and wait for their significant other. The app works with YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming services.


If your partner is constantly scolding you for forgetting all the important dates, don’t test their patience. Instead, download this neat app for your IOS or Android and forget about forgetting! This app allows you to create tasks and add new notes to the list, as well as create a Birthday and date list, so you always remember about an important anniversary. Don’t be afraid that the alarm might not go off – the system has multiple notifications that will ring throughout the day always reminding to wish your partner’s mom happy birthday.


Sometimes it’s hard to share a bill as a couple. You might get confused about who spends what sum of money and who gets to pay a water bill. But worry no more; Honeydue lets you control your spending habits as a couple and keep track of all the bank checks, income paychecks, purchases, as well as plan new mutual investments. There should be no more petty drama on spending habits and financial confusion.


Suppose both of you have a different sleeping schedule, Sleepytime exists to match your biorhythms and calculate the best time for waking up, so that you won’t feel sleepy. This app tracks your sleep and suggests several options for the alarm. This might help if you go to bed separately, but want to wake up together feeling energized.


Couples get bored as well. Even if you are a married couple with kids, Winnie helps you find a nice activity in nearby proximity, be it a park or a rollerdrome. This app creates hobbies and fun pastimes on the go, including instant advice for married couples and even pregnancy tips and tricks.

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