4 Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

There are many aspects to student life. It all starts with careful planning, probably even visiting campuses beforehand. Later on, you apply for a few institutions, having passed what would seem like an endless chain of exams. Some waiting, some nerves, and here you are, in the place of your dreams. Or elsewhere.

Then there will be some time spent on preparing and actually moving to the dorm. Some more time passes and you can finally call yourself a fresher – either proudly or less so. What awaits you in this new chapter of your life?

This article is aimed at showing that you are the one in charge of your life now, and it’s of crucial importance that you make some smart decisions while in college. Let’s concentrate on the matter that many overlook – and later regret that a lot. We will be covering some health tips for college students.

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Less Is Better

Indeed, we are starting our list of healthy eating tips for college students with this charade. What is less and why is it better? There is a need to clear some things out.

First, less junk food will benefit you a lot. Don’t even start growing the habit of having a pizza or a burger for your dinner meal. You don’t want all that cholesterin in your body from such a young age.

Second, having less on one’s plate can mean a lot of things. And since we are on the topic, it’s really important to still have some time for yourself while at college. Studying is not everything, and you should know that there are many helpful tips on how you can stay healthy at college.

Starting from having a helper like College Assignment Writing Service for the tough weeks filled with deadlines to attending yoga classes if you feel like it – everything will work. Do pay attention to your own needs, as health – both physical and mental – should remain your top priority.

Cook on Your Own


Sure, there is nothing better than having a fancy meal with your pals after a tiring week. Or just a grab of some sushi on, say, Tuesday. This is more than okay but know one thing. Your wallet won’t say thank you.

With this item on our list, we’ll be combining some healthy eating suggestions with some smart saving tips for college students. If you do manage to cook yourself, you’ll save yourself an immense amount of money. This will require some time and skills, for sure.

Yet, if you manage to grow a habit and earn yourself the reputation of being the best chef in the dorm, this would be amazing. Think about all the possible networking over the food you’ve cooked.

Jokes aside, here are some tips on how you can make this cooking habit your routine:

  • Cook in bulk. No one expects a student to have time or, let’s be honest, energy, to cook one’s meals day by day. However, spending your Sunday cooking some food for a week might be a go.
  • Devise a universal grocery list. Luckily, there are lots and lots of helpful apps that can help you out with the grocery lists. Spare some time once and you’ll thank yourself a thousand times later!
  • Don’t cook the same stuff. The internet is full of websites offering amazing suggestions for what you should try out next. Let your creativity flow. Know that you can always dedicate each week to a new cuisine as the number of recipes on the planet is – well, close to endless!

Check What You Consume as Snacks

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No one likes a quick boost of sugary stuff more than a student. Especially a nervous one. And all students get nervous from time to time.

While it’s completely okay to have your own share of some chocolate bars with you, here is a suggestion. How about you try changing the candy with a bunch of nuts or dry fruit for a change? This way you will be able to cut your sugar intake at least a bit. And the nuts of all kinds, from cashews to almonds, serve as reservoirs for vitamins.

These are the perfect snacks to keep you going. Let’s dig even deeper. How about replacing your potato chips with some other vegetable ones? They may even turn out to be more delicious.

There Are Drinks Other Than Coffee

We’ve saved this one for the last. It may even sound painful for some true coffee lovers who don’t even imagine their morning without a cup of filter coffee. Black, no sugar. Or maybe your evenings will be worse without a latte or a cappuccino.

Indeed, coffee is a drinking habit for many students. Yet, even if it’s your mojo, we recommend never forgetting the fact that there actually exist some other drinks. And coffee is no good in terms of keeping you hydrated, even otherwise.

Here is a tip: there’s no need to cut your coffee intake once and for all. Start with dipping your toes. Expand your horizons with different types of drinks. You can try a smoothie here and there, it won’t hurt. Also, the world has thousands of teas in store for you. Don’t leave them waiting!

The Bottom Line

Living your student life can be an amazing endeavor filled with thrills and adventures, not only the papers to submit or errands to run. Your task is to enjoy every moment of your years spent on campus!

Yet, there are also other aims, such as staying healthy, fit, and sane in all the swirls. To do this, you’d better develop some healthy habits, especially the eating ones. Start with having less on your plate, literally and metaphorically. Do not consume lots of junk food – deep down you know those products will do you more harm than good.

Change your snacks from protein or chocolate bars to some healthier options. Nuts and fruits will do the job just fine. Finally, get to know all the other drinks out there than coffee. Who knows, maybe you are just missing out on some mojo teas waiting just for you!

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