2021 Tribeca Film Festival: Other Highlights You Can Stream at Home (Part 3)

On the surface, the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City will also take place online this year, with many features available to home viewers across the United States. The premiere is until June 23rd.


Here are some highlights of the movie previewed during the press that will premiere June 15-16. More reviews will continue in the future. [You can read about more film recommendations in Part 1 and Part 2, which are also available to watch at home through June 23.]

“Reflection: A walk with water” (World Premiere) – Rubric filmmaker Emmet Brennan’s documentary on the preciousness of water is the physical need to meet the important human needs by walking down the aqueducts of Los Angeles. Shows the infrastructure. East Sierra, hundreds of miles from the city. But the point of the film is to explore how humans reshape landscapes and steal water from the environment to meet this need, without considering resource waste and ecosystem damage. That is. While raising the risk of being exacerbated by short-sighted water policies (due to droughts and wildfires), Brennan interviewees (farmers, environmental scientists, indigenous peoples) only change their thinking about water use and infrastructure. And how to provide a valuable lesson. It can foster the environment and biodiversity, produce more food and reduce pollution. It’s certainly worth noting what you can do with a simple bulldozer. June 15 Screen at Waterfront Plaza. Available at home from June 16th to 23rd.

“Brian Wilson: The Long Promised Road” (World Premiere) – Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson has brothers Dennis and Karl, cousin Mike Love, bandmate Al Jardine and vocal harmonies, orchestration and recordings unlike any other song on the air. I created a unique sound that incorporates techniques. .. (And they didn’t just sing about surfing and cars.) But Brian’s musical genius was relieved by mental illness and addiction, which promoted and suppressed his creative achievements over the years. Did.In this movie length conversation Rolling stone Editor Jason Fine chases an old friend through the Beach Boys recording history roadmap (Beach Boys songs on MP3 players, with Natch), and reticent Wilson talks about his youth, father, and brothers. , Occasionally opens generously. His depression, and the sometimes unforgettable music he directed to the world. A valuable document of pop culture’s key icons, adorned with archived footage and home movies, the film by Brent Wilson (irrelevant) is intimate, devout, and still airy with portraits of unique talent. Reaching for something. Battery screen June 15 (Currently, there is no screening at home.)

“There is no normal life” (Online World Premiere) – Heather O’Neill’s powerful documentary captures some of the clearest images of conflicts and revolutions around the world only after overcoming sexist hurdles, women’s news at the forefront of war Explore the pioneering work of videographers. These five CNN veterans (Jane Evans, Maria Fleet, Margaret Moth, Mary Rogers, Cinderland) talk about the dangers of reporting in adrenaline and fire (Moss was shot in the face by a sniper in Sarajevo). But survived). The bond of their “vengeance band” and the enormous cost of their personal life from war zone to war zone. “No Ordinary Life” is a behind-the-scenes video of a working woman’s white knuckle showing that a talented photographer can achieve it with courage, humor and humanity. This is a testament to the value of unbiased pay for performance. Exclusively screened at home from June 16th to 23rd.

Watch the trailer for “No Ordinary Life”.

There is no trailer for normal life Along
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“pray” (World premiere) – The homosexual conversion movement promulgated by religious conservatives since the 1970s has been criticized by medical professionals, but for many years church groups have rejected homosexual desires. Of a heterosexual union who preached that by doing so you can become a “former homosexual”. Christine Strakis’s tragic documentary features an interview with a former employee of Exodus International, the largest conversion therapy organization. A former spokesperson for a right-wing advocacy group (using the story of homosexual conversion as a weapon for lobbying against the right to same-sex marriage). And those who believed that they could change their sexual orientation according to the teachings of the Church so that they would be accepted in the eyes of God. Film Determination-They withdrew their position (those who gave up pursuing gay life accepted it) and acknowledged the harm they caused to others-“Pray Away” Others who continue to witness the conversion of LGBTQ men’s and women’s prayers, which is also softened by the fact that it is also characteristic. It will be screened at Metrotech’s Brooklyn Commons on June 16th. (There is no screening at home.) “Pray Away” will start streaming on Netflix in August.

View preview clip for “Pray Away”:

PRAY AWAY Sneak Peak: Julie Rogers Along
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2021 Tribeca Film Festival: Other Highlights You Can Stream at Home (Part 3)

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