2021 Fiesta User Guide and Event Schedule

San Antonio – Get ready for a party in San Antonio-It’s finally time for Fiesta!

San Antonio usually celebrates Fiesta every April, but a coronavirus pandemic may have returned the party to June this year, canceling some of its favorite events altogether for the duration of the party. Yes (sorry, the Battle of Flowers and the Fiesta Franbo Parade).

Please note that there are not so many events this year, so some of your favorite things in 2021 may not move forward. The number of Fiesta events has been reduced to about 50-which is significantly less than the typical 115 events.

A guide to a party with a purpose in San Antonio, which will be held from June 17th to 27th.


The heat in Texas can be sultry, so be sure to wear sunscreen and bring a hat and sunglasses.

Want to know what the weather will be like on a particular Fiesta day? Get the latest weather information here.

Keep hydrating by drinking plenty of water and make sure you wear the right shoes-think functional rather than fashion. Wearing the wrong shoes all day can cause blisters.

Broadcast live Fiesta for the following events on KSAT 12 TV, the KSAT OTT app, and online.

Fiesta Fiesta – Thursday, June 17-8 pm

Fiesta Pouch Parade Special – Friday, June 18-8 pm

Cavaliers River Parade – Monday, June 21-7 pm

SA Live After Party -Monday, June 21-9:00 pm

See the full schedule of Fiesta Here..


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💸 Cash is the King of Fiesta Events-Many events are cash only. ATMs may also be available, but the lines are longer and it’s more fun to eat roasted corn than to line up and earn cash.

🚗 Parking Planning-VIA Park and Ride offers hassle-free transit to major Fiesta events for $ 2.50 on a one-way ticket. Discounts apply to children, seniors and students. Click here for service times and locations.

🏅 Fiesta medals are collected and proudly worn at all Fiesta events. This tradition began in 1946 when King Antonio handed out commemorative coins. Children soon began wearing coins as badges, creating a tradition of ceremonial medals.


☔ Rainlock is a rock hung on a La Villita tree on the first Monday of Fiesta, protecting it from the rain of NIOSA (Old San Antonio Night).

🥚 Cascarones are hollow eggshells filled with confetti. It is sold at booths around Fiesta. Break your friend’s head and do your best!

👀 How cool is this? !! Historical photographs show that the Fiesta Parade dates back 117 years.

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2021 Fiesta User Guide and Event Schedule

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