2021 Father’s Day Gifts: 10 Ornamental Plants at a Botanical Store in LA

If your dad prefers to see the Hilton Carter and Montidon plant makeovers over BBQuest, why not skip the grill gift and get him a Father’s Day houseplant? With the growing demand for houseplants these days, I contacted my favorite botanical store to find out what’s in stock for last-minute shoppers. Here are some of the best houseplants for plant dads in your life, incorporating opinions from small businesses in Los Angeles.

Snake plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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1. Snake plant

Popular types of San Sevilla, Snake plants and mother-in-law’s tongues grow easily, require little water, and thrive in warm rooms.Often considered an office plant, there are many interesting varieties to choose from in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, such as horn-like cylinders and horn-like cylinders. Paten And Sansevieria “Black coral.” (Available at Roger’s Gardens, Folia Collective, Potted, Rolling Greens.)

A plant in a white pot next to the sofa.

Dracaena, like this Dracaena’Warneckii, ” Known for its striking variegated leaves.

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2. Lisa cane

If you’re looking for something tall and dramatic, Dracaena, Popular for its striking variegated leaves, It can withstand even in dark places. Although some grow slowly, a healthy Lisa cane can grow to a height of 7 to 8 feet in the absence of little sunlight. (Available at Roger’s Gardens, Tansy, Rolling Greens.)

Vascular plant Staghorn fern, or Staghorn fern

Fertile leaves Platycerium bifurcatum, Staghorn ferns, also known as Staghorn ferns, have a single sterile leaf that is constantly being replaced. Fertile leaves can grow up to 3 feet and each “antler” can be up to 9 inches long.

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3. Staghorn ferns

Tropical fertile leaves Platycerium bifurcatum, Or Staghorn ferns can grow up to 3 feet and each “antler” can be up to 9 inches long. When mounted, these plants feel like art. This is a good plant for dads who like routines as it works well with consistent care. (Available at Potted and Folia Collective.)

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant in white flowerpot.

ZZ plants are tough and resistant to drought.

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4. ZZ plant

If your dad is threatened by foliage plants Zamioculcas zamiifoliaCommonly known as the ZZ plant, is a tall, sculptural tropical plant that can survive almost anywhere. This tough, drought-resistant houseplant needs water every few weeks. (Available in Tansy Sill.)

Ponytail close-up

Ponytail palms don’t need much water.

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5. Ponytail

The· Beaucarnea recurvata, Or ponytail palms are easy because they can grow almost anywhere. It is impossible to kill unless you soak it in water. (Available at Rogers Garden in Tansy.)

The palm of a decorative pot parlor.

The palm of the parlor thrives in a warm and humid room.

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6. Parlor palm

If dad’s taste is bohemian modern rather than traditional, arched leaves Chamedrea Elegance,alias Parlor palms or lucky palms add a relaxing and tropical atmosphere to the interior. The miniature palm grows slowly and can reach a height of about 3 feet, or 6 feet with repeated replanting. Like most tropical plants, Chamedrea Elegance It breeds in warm, damp rooms, making it useful for fog and placement on trays filled with damp pebbles. (Available at the threshold.)

Chinese money tree on a table with books, binoculars, a wrench and a framed print.

Pilea peperomioides, or a Chinese money tree.


7. Chinese money plant

The· Pilea peperomioides Known for its round, shiny leaves, it is often referred to as a friendship plant because it grows baby plants that can be easily propagated in water or soil and given as gifts. Pirea It requires less maintenance and works well with bright indirect light that sometimes waters. (Available in juicy leaves and potted plants.)

Dam cane in the basket

Dam Cane is the most comfortable in a warm and humid room.

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8. Dam Cane

Dumb canes, or Dieffenbachia maculata Or seguine, It is loved for its highly decorative leaves that are yellow, cream and white. Maculata / SeginIt is a popular species characterized by narrow green leaves with irregular white markings, commonly known as spotted dam canes, because sap can cause mouth irritation. Native to Latin America, it is the most comfortable in a warm and humid room. If the interior is dry, place it on a tray of damp pebbles or group it with plants that like similar dampness to create damp pockets. It can be 5 feet or more in height, making it ideal for empty walls. (Available in all time plants.)

A money tree with a braided trunk in a pot.

Money trees work best in bright places.

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9. Money tree

Money tree, or Pachira aquaticaIt features a braided trunk and shiny hand-shaped leaves. Money trees are rumored to promote positive feng shui and good luck. The plant works best in bright, humid places with regular watering. (Available at the Greenwood Shop.)

Miniature fiddle-leaf fig in a green pot

Miniature fiddle-leaf fig, or Fiddle-leaf fig.

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10. Fiddle-leaf fig

Fiddle-leaf fig, or Ficus lyrataIs a well-maintained plant that is perfect for those who want to love something. Most of the tall and sculptural fiddle leaf plants I’ve seen in stores these days are miniatures. Popular plants like bright indirect light and are prone to root rot if over-watered. Be careful with fertilizer. It can burn the roots of stressed plants. (Available at Rolling Greens, Sill.)

2021 Father’s Day Gifts: 10 Ornamental Plants at a Botanical Store in LA

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