20 best logos for inspiration

Creating a logo is not an easy task. You need to constantly be aware of new trends and novelties. Especially if you are serious about creating logos.

But the supply of ideas and inspiration may run out. This problem can be solved. For inspiration, you can look at other works of your competitors. Evaluate their work, take note of their pros and cons.

So what does the logo mean?

As you probably already know, the logo is the main face of any brand. Regardless of the size of the business, in any case, you need to have a logo. It is like your business card. Yes, and customers trust companies that have a beautiful logo more. He is truly professional in his field.

Why do you need a logo?

Often people ask themselves the question, why do you need a logo at all? The answer is very simple, but very voluminous. A logo is not only your first person. It personifies the depth, meaning and message of the brand.

The logo is always printed on business cards, uniforms and accessories and documents. It expresses the characteristics, activities and values ​​of your brand.

What functions does the logo perform?

  1. Distinctive – thanks to the logo, you can stand out among your competitors. Many customers distinguish firms and products by the logo. It is easier to remember the picture than the name of the brand and company.
  2. Protective – logo is the property of the company, and only this company can produce products under this logo. If someone uses this logo without permission, then this person can be sued. Each logo has a copyright.
  3. Guarantee – by releasing a product with your logo, you thus guarantee its quality. Of course, not all companies use the logo. And this is their main and serious mistake. produce products without a logo.
  4. Aesthetic – Probably, you have noticed company logos on clothes more than once. This is the simplest example, when a beautiful logo enhances the aesthetics of a product, while guaranteeing its quality and protecting the product from counterfeiting. The best logos are not just pictures, but important aesthetic elements in product design.
  5. Advertising – logo is an advertising product, the same one, because of which most companies order a logo. The logo creates a certain image of the company, helps the target audience to easily recognize the product, associate it with a certain quality, company reputation and other advertising parameters.

A well-created logo is the company’s image. The logo also performs an informational and psychological function. Depending on the colors on the logo, you can evoke certain feelings in customers.

It is because of this that the creation of a logo is so expensive and takes a lot of time and effort. This is not just a picture, the logo must provide the client with the company’s activities. The client must understand what is at stake and what kind of company is behind the logo.

Ideas for logos

Logo by Rajib Hosen

 There are many examples among the current innovations in logo creation. They are based on and consist of various modern graphic design styles, but it is difficult to move away from the typical minimalist logo design based on modernist principles. Most of the logos created in the last 20 years consist of monochrome or duotone isotypes with simplified geometric shapes.

Logo by Al Mamun

Modernist-influenced logos use Swiss Style typography that is easy to read.

Contemporary examples for corporate imagery have become so diverse that we are beginning to see a resurgence of styles from other recent web design eras such as the 80s.

Logo by nayan

Postmodernism was a reactionary creative freedom movement that sacrificed the functional principles of modernism. Perhaps this will become nothing more than a momentary fashion, and we will increasingly see colorful logos with gradients and bold letters using classic 80s gaming typography and other less common styles far from classic fonts.

Logo by Joe Taylor

Just take a look at the latest Twitch platform logo and other recent examples. Perhaps this is a breath of fresh air in the world of modern logo design.

Logo by Demo paityn

You can find a large number of logos on the Internet. They are very different, from unusual to aesthetically pleasing. From bright to plain. Inspiration can be found among these works.

Among such works, you can find very good ones that will inspire you with a wave of inspiration. At the same time, you should remember that you should not combine all the new items in one logo. You need to observe the measure and not overdo it.

Logo by HQ Shakib

Logo by Raja Talukder


Logo by nayan

Logo by Raja Talukder


Logo by Jowel Ahmed

Logo by Tawhidulalam

Logo by GedasMeskunas

Logo by Jakub Resl

Logo by JelleInghels

Logo by Shaheen Ahmed

Logo by Coric Design

Logo by Awoga Ranger

Logo by Daniel Maul

Logo by newlydesign


Do not forget that each logo should be unique. Convey all the subtleties and ideas of the brand. At the same time, it should be memorable and simple. Very bright logos get bored quickly. Because of this, everyone prefers more calm and monophonic logos. if you already have a logo and want to replace it. It’s never too late to rebrand. Thereby improve your logo.


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