19.8 million viewers watched on Sunday

Tokyo, Japan, Sunday, July 25, 2021-Men’s Basketball at Saitama Super Arena, USA vs France.

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The Tokyo Olympics attracted an average of 19.8 million viewers on Sunday’s coverage across the NBCUniversal platform, media giant said Monday.

Events such as swimming, women’s gymnastics and triathlon experienced a 61% upgrade from Friday to Sunday by CNBC’s parent company NBCUniversal, labeled “the biggest increase ever in the first three nights of the Summer Olympics” Helps to be done. Said.

On Saturday, NBC said it had an average of about 15.3 million viewers in prime-time coverage, including the new sports that made the Tokyo Olympics debut, softball and skateboarding. The contest also helped fans get involved on social media as it created two 13-year-old winners at a women’s street skateboarding event. Japan’s Momiji Nishitani finished second with a gold medal and Brazil’s Reisa Lille with a silver medal.

According to the NBC, the Tokyo Olympics have been streamed for a total of 735 million minutes by Sunday, including the men’s basketball game in the United States. The team’s defeat to France was aired on the streaming service Peacock. The company also added that streaming metrics have increased by 24% compared to the 2016 Rio Olympics, but it does not provide specific viewing statistics. The event will air on NBC’s broadcast networks such as NBCSN, USA Network and CNBC and their cable channels.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka regained attention to light the Olympic torch, and the opening ceremony attracted about 17 million viewers from the 23.5 million 2016 ceremony. The 2012 opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games attracted 41 million viewers.

It was predicted that the number of viewers around the Tokyo Olympics would decrease. This is because Covid’s concerns continue throughout Japan, the 13-hour time difference hasn’t solved the problem, and the situation on TVs where more viewers disconnect the code is changing.

According to the , NBC ordered $ 1.2 billion in advertising revenue from game marketers in 2016 and estimated it to exceed that amount. Media analysts have told CNBC that the 30-second prime-time advertising spot for the Tokyo Olympics costs about $ 1.3 million.

China has won a total of 18 medals (6 gold) at the Tokyo Olympics, followed by the United States with 14 medals (7 gold). Japan is third with 13 medals, followed by the Russian Olympic Commission (ROC) with 12 medals.

19.8 million viewers watched on Sunday

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