13 parking hacks that every LA driver should know

When I was growing up, when my dad couldn’t find a place to park, when he was frustrated and turned around and took us all home, many families Going out has been ruined.

Parking has emerged as my superpower in adulthood, as fate has it. Prime spots come true as soon as I pull them up and I rarely have to pay a lot for them. Having it, especially in Los Angeles, is a powerful gift, absolutely certain and legendary enough to make me the default driver whenever I go out with friends and family (of the relief of my dad suffering from parking). for).

But here is the secret. Like poker, parking isn’t just about luck. With patience and skill, you can improve your odds and play the system. Take it from the pros.

1. Plan with the yellow loading zone in mind

This is the most basic parking hack in LA. Parking is free and there is no time limit in the yellow loading zone. From Monday to Saturday from 6 pm to 7 am, Sunday is all day (unless of course specified).

There is one thing to know passively about the exceptions to the yellow zone. Another option is to strategically create a targeted plan when the windows of these opportunities open. Do you have dinner in Hollywood? The booking time must be 6:15 pm (or until 7:00 pm in areas where traffic congestion measures are in place). Would you like to buy a ticket to see the Lakers at Staples Center? If you don’t care about your opponents, choose the Sunday game. Earning spots in the yellow loading zone can save you a lot of money and save you from the nightmares of parking exits after the game.

Yellow loading zones are generously scattered throughout Los Angeles. Several other cities also follow the same schedule, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Torrance, Redondo Beach and Long Beach.

Note that you are out of luck with the red, white, and blue curbs and zones where the limit is valid for 24 hours.

2. Also note the green curb

Here’s another lesser-known colored curb trick: The green curb limit for short-term parking, which normally limits the driver to 15 or 30 minutes, is lifted Monday through Saturday from 6 pm to 8 am and does not take effect on Sunday.

3. Holiday street park

Street parking or parking garage calculations, which are always created in LA, are easy even on holidays where the meter is free and there are no many residential parking restrictions (street cleaning, time limits, priority areas, etc.). Enforcement.The city observes many holidays you can find here..

Double Bonus: If the holiday falls on Saturday, the city will also observe it the previous Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the city will observe it next Monday as well.

4. Use the yellow light to your advantage

If you need to park on the main road and all the street parking spots appear to be ahead, stop racing with the yellow lights. Instead, use the time you stopped at the intersection and unobstructed visibility to scan people getting into a parked car. When the light turns green, I’m lined up to grab the first one that opens.

5. Stop the parking clock

Many automatic garages are billed on an hourly or hourly basis. Literally, it’s available as soon as you enter the next time category.

Most of these garages have a payment station near each level elevator (accessible on foot) and exit to the street (accessible by car). If you get back in the car and find yourself at the border of the time frame (the first hour is free, but the second hour is $ 5 and you’re there for 58 minutes), you don’t have a chance. Immediately push your ticket and credit card into the nearest pay station.

This will stop the clock and give you a grace period to drive out of the garage (usually 15 minutes). Do not risk returning to the car with an unpaid ticket, getting stuck behind another driver, or not reaching the paid machine until 61 minutes.

6. Launch the DIY verification scanner

Most stores and restaurants need to buy to get their coveted electronic stamp, but if you know where to look, you can find a self-service verification machine. In Globe, there is one in Nordstrom. It is on the ground floor of the cosmetics department, just to the right of the store.

7. Hollywood Burbank Airport clerk

Uber and Lyft fares soared during the COVID-19 pandemic and wait times were terrible. If you are forced to park at Hollywood Burbank Airport, self-parking options are short-term parking ($ 32 / day) or long-term parking C ($ 12 / day), E ($ 24) next to the terminal. / Day). ) Or G ($ 23 / day).

If you can’t get a spot on Lot C, the best option for money and time is a valet parking service. Abandon the car step from the terminal and the fare is $ 24 a day. that’s right. It’s cheaper than the cost. Self-parking on the structure. You can book in advance online.

8. Your new hike time is sunset

I don’t know the hiker after the LA branch. It’s hot, the trails are full, and there isn’t enough parking. The best time to go on a short hike is late afternoon. This is especially true for trails where parking is painful. You can catch a lot of hikers returning to the car at noon. At the right time, it will reach its peak around sunset.

My parking advice for 3 popular parks:

Griffith Park: Vista del Valle Drive. It’s free, always spotted and easily accessible. Head north on Vermont Avenue into the park and hang to the left in front of the Greek Theater. There are lawns, picnic tables, and trailheads on the Boy Scout Trail, and after a moderate 15-minute hike, you can reach the observatory (parking fee is $ 10 per hour) and other trailheads.

Temescal Gateway Park: For years, I pulled into a paid lot at Temeskar Gateway Park. Save $ 12 by picking up one of the many free spots along Temeskar Canyon Road, just south of Sunset Boulevard. Enter the park from the hidden Temescar Canyon Trailhead near the northwest corner of the two streets.

Runyon Canyon Park: Allow one hopeful spin along Franklin and Fuller Boulevard before parking on Hollywood Boulevard. The hike is so short that you don’t have to go around endlessly nearby.

9. Loosely replace the car cup holder

The slight delay that the parking meter takes to process your credit card is a waste of unnecessary time, and coins give you better control over the exact time you need.

10. Tip-worthy take-out tip

I’ve never met a clerk who parked just outside the restaurant and didn’t accept takeaway orders. This may work in a half-empty parking lot near where the attendant resides. Explain that it only takes a few minutes to get food and ask if you can park for free. Do not abuse this. Perform this operation only if you know that your order has been paid and is ready.

11. Scope out your destination first

Don’t be a sucker to start looking for a parking lot half a mile away (we don’t walk in Los Angeles, right?). Always drive to your destination first and see if there is a spot with a meter in front of you or if there is an unrestricted residential side street.

12. Become a leader instead of a follower and slow down the roll

Never chase a driver looking for a spot. If you’re in the second position, you won’t go anywhere in a nearly full parking lot.

It’s important to leave immediately, but if you do it yourself, crawl slowly. Parking speed racers are newcomers who accidentally pass through open spots and miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of people getting into the car. I often go idle shortly after changing to a new line and stay long until someone leaves. When the car comes behind, wave to stay in the lead.

Even if you’re an ace hoodie and know all the tricks, you’re still stuck waiting for a friend who is new to your parking to arrive. Help them (and your own sanity): If you spy on a good place after you park, send them a text to tell them where it is.

13 parking hacks that every LA driver should know

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