100 days without playing cards on Twitter: the country scrolls more gently

But how important is noise? Many Republicans still seem to hang in all of Mr. Trump’s words. But without Twitter and the president, some say his voice is almost powerless. Alpha, the horrifying Doberman pincher in the movie “Up,” is ridiculously forced to talk to Mickey when the electronic audio malfunctions. A mouse-like voice of a person who smoked too much helium.

“He isn’t acting in a logical and disciplined way to carry out the plan,” anti-Trump Republican lawyer George Conway said of the former president. “Instead, he tries to scream as loudly as possible, but the problem is that he’s in the basement, which is like a rat barking.”

Of course, not everyone agrees. Even some people who aren’t fans of Mr. Trump’s words say the Twitter ban was an obvious censorship and robbed the country of important political voice.

Ronald Johnson, a 63-year-old Wisconsin retailer who voted for Trump in November, said Twitter stupidly turned into a fighting villain.

“What it does is make people more sympathetic to the idea that there are people here who are being abused by Big Tech,” Johnson said. He doesn’t miss the ridiculous words of the former president, but he said it was a mistake to deprive his supporters of the opportunity to hear his remarks.

And many Trump fans desperately miss him, partly because their identity is so closely tied to him.

last month, Pathetic tweets Former New York City Mayor Rudolf W. Giuliani, who lamented Mr. Trump’s departure from the platform, was “highly rated” more than 66,000 times. It also prompted a return to the brawl that Trump had caused on Twitter to let Giuliani know exactly what the resentful anti-Trump could do in his opinion.

That’s exactly what it is, a punch counter punch between right and left, a name call frequently mentioned by Mr. Trump and a quick escalation (or devolve) to anger-with former sports writer Cavalli Stanford University Associate Athletic Director leaves Twitter shortly before elections. He spent an hour or two a day on the platform and was often enthusiastic about posting ironic reactions to the president’s tweets.

100 days without playing cards on Twitter: the country scrolls more gently

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