10 Must-Haves For Your Wedding Day

After a relatively slow and cheap wedding season in 2020, this year has been and promises to be more crowded than ever. Despite living in a post-pandemic world, the average cost for a wedding in the US is back to what it was in 2019, and venues are booked solid. So, to make sure you have the perfect day, we have prepared a list of things you need to have with you!

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1.    Emergency cash

Store some cash in your bag, just in case. Maybe you need to pay a taxi, or tip a valet, or buy breath mints at a convenience store that doesn’t take credit. Whatever the reason, you should have some cash with you. You never know when you need it, so keep about 100$ in small bills on you.

2.    A small sewing kit

A torn seam or ripped button can be a total disaster on your wedding day. Not because they are actual disasters, but because you don’t have time to get it fixed. And you will want to relax and enjoy yourself, not worry about how you look. So keep a small sewing kit in your bridal bag, already fitted with thread the color of your dress. And, just in case, have some thread that matches the groom’s suit too.

3.    Insurance

This may require some planning ahead but keep your insurance papers in your bag too. We mean the zero deductible wedding insurance you should have gotten when you started planning your wedding, just in case something goes wrong. From a storm ruining your outdoor wedding, to a venue cancelling on you, it should cover everything. Leave nothing to chance!

4.    A quiet place

All right, you cannot keep this in your bag. And no, we are not talking about the movie. We mean you should have a hotel room booked for the duration of the wedding somewhere nearby, or maybe you arranged for a private space with the venue. Either way, you need to have a place you can retreat to if the crowd and the music gets too much.

5.    Hair and makeup bag

No matter how much you spent on your hair and makeup, you can always be faced with an unexpected emergency. Rain can ruin makeup or hair, same as wind or a spilled drink. Have make up remover wipes and your own palette with you. Also pack a comb and a lot of bobby pins, along with a can of hairspray. Any retouches you do will not look like a professionally done makeup, but at least you won’t spend your entire wedding day with runny mascara.

6.    Hygiene products

Have a bag with hygiene products for both of you. Whether or not you need wet wipes for him and a different pack for her, that’s up to you to decide, but you should have wet wipes, feminine products, a change of underwear, and a dress sack, if you have a fluffy dress. Stress can lead to unpredicted visits, if you get our drift, and you will need access under your dress.

7.    A change of shoes

Nothing hurts more than blistery feet that keep rubbing in the same spot. And even if you broke your shoes in before the day, they can still become uncomfortable after hours of wear. Pack a pair of tried-and-true sandals or shoes that you know will not hurt you to change into. Include socks and band-aids with them, just in case.

8.    Painkillers

From a headache to period cramps to leg pains, you know you should be carrying some over-the-counter painkillers with you. You probably have them in your daily bag already. Just take those and toss them in the pocket of your bridal bag! Nothing easier. Also take some cold medicine just in case you come down with something because you’re tired or stressed.

9.    A change of clothes

It may not be ideal to have to change out of your wedding dress in the middle of the party, but a set of clothes can be a lifesaver. Drinks spill. Food falls. Stains happen, and you are wearing white after all. Have something elegant that doesn’t crinkle and that you can wear again later as your backup clothes. Better spend your wedding in different clothes than in a stained wedding dress.

10. Chargers

Pack chargers for your phone and any other electronics you might have with you. You might not need them, but if you do, it’s better to know you have one in your bag than ask guests or venue workers if they have any. It’s just simpler and less hassle that way.

Bottom line

Your bridal bag may look something like a duffle bag with all you have inside it, but all these items work on a “better safe than sorry” principle. Your wedding planner may include this bag in their plan, but just in case they didn’t, make your own and give it to one of your bridesmaids to look after. And pop in the comments with any ideas you may have for what else should be in there!


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